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Facebook reveals its plans to grow

Mark Zuckerberg Speaking to its F8 developer conference in San Francisco on Thursday.

26 September 2011 | Category: Online

CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed changes to profile pages and new third party permissions that will see greater TV and music integration.

Speaking to its F8 developer conference in San Francisco on Thursday, Mark Zuckerberg spoke of exciting changes that would take place on the website in the coming months.

The standard profile page will be replaced by a timelime - a chronological listing of your activity on Facebook. Users basic information will be displayed at the top, while below in the timeline photos that have posted or tagged, status updates, places you have visited and other recorded activity will be displayed.

Another change (which will be rolled out immediately) will be the introduction of a new ticker. All the latest updates will be displayed in a ticker feed.

The most interesting change, will be to the ability to watch TV and movies through Facebook. Facebook is starting to develop partnerships with media organizations such Hulu and Spotify to deliver content directly through the website.

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