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Mobile Firefox OS has been backed by phone companies

3 July 2012 | Category: Software

After Mozilla’s new Firefox web-browsing application for Android, they’ve decided to create a new operating system for mobile – one that’s gained the backing of many large telecommunications companies.

Deutsche Telekom, Sprint, Smart, Telecom Italia, Telenor and Etisalat are the mobile network operates set to be backing the new mobile OS.

This means Firefox OS won’t be available to people in the UK, although this is only the first of the companies planning to back the device, there may be more once it is released.

Brazil will be the first country to host this new operating system – Mozilla is set to become the fourth biggest operating system before the end of 2013.

The mobile is said to still be in development stages and Brazil won’t get the taste of Firefox until early 2013. We are unsure when other networks will bring out their version.

Even though Android, Apple and Microsoft are quite fierce competition, it is a relatively spacey market – and if Mozilla can capture the eyes of more companies, it may be set to become as big as the top three.

With Mozilla and Android both being open and free-source operating systems, this may put them in more competition then with Microsoft and Apple. Android’s attempts at getting more developers on their side with their simple and open code may go astray if there is another operating system.

We are unsure whether Mozilla will work with Android, until Mozilla’s market gets larger and they are capable of having their own OS, without any rival interference.