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Nokia 920 & 820 photos leaked on Twitter

1 September 2012 | Category: Electronics

Following this week’s big Windows 8 phone announcements from Nokia, a Twitter user, named @evleaks, has posted some rather credible photos of the two new models Nokia are planning to unveil.

@evleaks has credibility as a source after revealing a collage of different Android and Windows tablets that were yet to be unveiled by the companies, then later shown.

The Lumia 920 is set to take on the roll as the successor to the 900, which hit redundancy after Microsoft told them they wouldn’t be able to upgrade.

The Lumia 820 is said to be a mid-range smartphone that will run a version of Windows 8, it will not feature some of the key Lumia 920 features that make it a high-end phone.

PureView, fitted in the popular Nokia 808, is said to be featured in the Lumia 920. If this is true, then this will vastly increase the size and quality of photo taking on the Lumia 920.

Another image was posted by @evleaks, showing the two Lumia’s sitting on wireless charge kits. The phones will sit atop the charge kits, and be charged automatically, without a plug-in.

We are expecting Nokia to reveal all at the conference they are having in a few days. We expect the Lumia to be in a range of different colours and both of them to come with Windows 8.