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Samsung may sue Apple over 4G LTE

3 September 2012 | Category: Electronics

Coming from a report in the Korean Times earlier this week, it seems Samsung are still feeling bitter with defeat in their US trial, where they had to pay $1.05bn in damages to Apple.

According to the Korean Times, Samsung executives are already planning their case against Apple, if the iPhone 5 is preparing to use 4G LTE capabilities.

Samsung currently doesn’t own the most patents of long term evolution, or LTE – it is beaten by a few companies, including Nokia, Qualcomm and Ericsson.

Samsung owns around 12% of all the 4G LTE patents in the world, and it plans to use these to get their own back on Apple.

Apple already has a 4G product on the market, the iPad 3, but apparently Samsung are waiting for the rumoured iPhone 5 to come out.

Apple are looking to bring their 4G capabilities around the world for the iPhone 5, that includes South Korea, and area that Samsung rule with an iron fist.

With the iPhone 5 apparently likely to hit 250m sales worldwide, according to one TechRadar writer, we could see those profits pushed down if Samsung go through with this patent case.