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eBid Review

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Review summary

Good points eBid review good points

• Clear and colorful layout

• Free to buy

• Good value selling

• Customizable listings

Bad points eBid review bad points

• No dispute resolution center

• No search suggestions

Our verdict

eBid is a smart, feature-packed online auction website that offers plenty of choice and a simple-to-use shopping experience. Try eBid for a straightforward way to sell your stuff or bid for a bargain.

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Sign up

Signing up to eBid is free and reasonably simple to carry out. You’ll need to fill in the usual details like name, email address and mailing address and eBid will forward a confirmation link and password to your email account. Once you’ve clicked on the link, you can start to use eBid’s buying services. To sell your clothes, or car, or stereo you need to supply your credit card details for a free seller account. Here you are free to list your items but you are subject to a 3% final value fee. You can also pay for a Seller+ account that lasts from seven days to a lifetime.


There’s a simple search function at the top of the screen on every eBid page. Type in your key words and receive a list of matches. You can make your search more precise by using quotation marks, parentheses etc around your key words and then refine your results by filtering them by price, feedback and other options. You can also add a search to your favorites. For busy people or those that are interested in one particular thing, opt to receive email alerts when your chosen object is being sold anywhere on the eBid site.


As with other online auction sites, you bid for items by adding your bid to the open auction and revising your bid up until your highest maximum amount. With eBid, the BuyNow service is a paid-for feature that allows you to buy the item without entering into an auction. You can pay by a variety of methods and those that are integrated into eBid like Google Checkout, and PayPal allow immediate payment. For non-integrated payment methods you can use the After Auction Log to contact the seller and arrange payment. eBid has another way of buying on the site. Members earn Buddy Points, in a kind of Loyalty Card program, when you refer friends to the site by sending them an email asking them to join eBid. Whether you want to send a sales email to all your friends is your own personal choice, but it will earn you points that you can spend in a separate section of the auction system. The Affiliate Program is a system where you get someone to join eBid through your own website, you receive a small amount of money in your account.


To sell on eBid you need to be registered as a seller. Seller fees are lower than eBay’s and if you decide to upgrade to Seller+ status you pay a single fee (currently $74.99 in the US) and can take advantage of zero selling fees for life. List a description of your item to maximize your chances of finding a good buyer. eBid has three different ways of creating descriptions, from plain HTML to Simple and Advanced on-screen editing so you can add your items immediately, or with some extra panache. Add a photo from your PC or the Internet. By posting an item on eBid you start your auction process. Once the auction is finished, the After Auction Log appears to help you complete the payment and feedback stages following a successful sale.


The eBid website gives you some helpful advice on how to avoid fraud when you’re using the auction system but doesn’t resolve disputes for you. To help you figure out is another user is trustworthy, the feedback score on eBid is listed next to the member’s user name. In the case of eBid, the feedback is calculated by setting the number of positive comments against the number of negative comments. Your credit or debit card is secure when you make payments for your purchases. eBid encrypts your financial information and doesn’t hold the credit card on file.

Ease of use

The design of eBid is bright, colorful and clear. There are plenty of features on the site to catch your eye as you browse. eBid is easy to navigate and move from category to category. Your personal eBid login area has all your details and the details of the transactions you’ve made, so it’s fairly simple to keep track of your buying and selling. When it comes to the finer details of online auction transactions some explanations, such as that for the Multi-Item Auction, are hard to understand but once you’ve tried the process a few times it becomes clear. The amount of points you receive in the Buddy System for various transactions also looks confusing.

Help & support

The eBid site has a full FAQ section with a lot of questions and answers regarding the site and the auction process. eBid’s Forum Community also offers answers to your questions. You can search for answers or post a new comment with your question. There are also help videos. If you can’t find an answer by these means, you can email eBid.


Coming up close behind eBay in the online auction marketplace, eBid offers a comprehensive service and quality features to online bidders and sellers.

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 received a rating of 5 for Overall
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 received a rating of 5 for Sign up
 received a rating of 4 for Searching
 received a rating of 4 for Buying
 received a rating of 4 for Selling
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 received a rating of 4 for Ease of use
Help & support
 received a rating of 3 for Help & support