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Mozy Review


This product has been dis-continued by Mozy.

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Review summary

Good points Mozy review good points

• No restrictions on file sizes

• Keeps multiple versions of any file for 30 days

• Easy to use

• Business & home solutions

Bad points Mozy review bad points

• Bandwidth restrictions

• No phone support for home use customers

Our verdict

Mozy comes just behind Carbonite as our second-from-top recommendation. Mozy is a professionally run operation that ably takes care of your important data.

Full review

Mozy backs up files, photos, videos, programs and music. We looked closely at Mozy to see what makes this online backup provider stand out from the crowd.


Mozy provides online backup for both personal and business use – Mozy Home and Mozy Pro.

The service checks your computer's bandwidth to make sure that it has the required broadband connection for the online backups. If you feel that Mozy is taking up too much bandwidth and impeding other services you might be running, you can always reduce the amount of bandwidth that Mozy uses.

Mozy will scan your computer and pre-select some recommended items to backup. You can uncheck any files that you don't want to backup.

You can choose to run the system on one computer, or multiple computers. The rate depends on how much bandwidth you want and how many computers you want to run the system on. In the business account, you buy a desktop license for every computer you want to backup and a server license for the server backup.


Automatic backup - Mozy will backup your data automatically when your computer has been idle for a half-hour. Mozy doesn’t continually backup your files, instead it simply copies over changed files. It doesn’t copy all the file, just the part that has been changed, which saves bandwidth. There’s no restriction on the size of individual files. You should be able to backup around 2-4 GB a day, although if you are not using your computer you can backup over 9 GB on a fast connection.

Scheduled backup – Mozy also backs up data at specified times of the day, daily or weekly.

If you want to see which files have been recently backed up or restored there is a log history. Mozy keeps multiple versions of files for up to 30 days. Mozy also backs up locked files, such as the Outlook.pst file. You can also backup files locally, to an external hard drive or USB as well as online.


Mozy makes it easy to restore your files should the worst happen. When it comes to restoring your files there are several options. Get your data back through the software client, or through the web. You can also have your files sent to you on DVD.

If you are willing to wait a long time for all your files to be downloaded, you can choose a full restore. While this will be essential if your computer is lost or damaged, sometimes you just want one or two files from your records. In this case, you can click on Download and restore a single file immediately to your computer.


Mozy employs the highest security standards when it comes to transferring and storing your data. Files are transferred from your computer to the Mozy servers using military-grade encryption along a secure SSL connection. The same encryption is used by banks for online transactions.

The servers which store your data use 448-bit Blowfish encryption. Mozy’s security practices are SAS70 or ISO certified. You’re unlikely to encounter problems with lost files or suffer a hacked system.

If you use the Mozy Pro service you can use your own encryption key or use the managed encryption key.


Choose to backup, view and restore your files on an iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, or an Android device. You can send files from your backed up data as an email attachment, and you can view files that can be opened on your mobile device.

You can also view photo thumbnails and look at a higher resolution file. The apps are available to users of the Mozy Home system in the US and Canada.

Ease of use

The Mozy system, because it is almost all automatic, is easy to run on a daily basis without having to remember it’s even there. Should you lose files or want to retrieve files, the system is clean and easy to navigate.

You can find files from your backup and quickly download them to your computer, or schedule a full download with ease. The time taken to download your whole data set may be a disadvantage, but there will be no problems carrying it out.

The Mozy Pro business account allows you to have one online admin computer but multiple users can access the system from anywhere in the world.

Help & support

Telephone support is not available for Mozy’s home use customers, although it is available for business users with the Mozy Pro account. Customer support for home users is provided via live online chat. We found the online chat support technicians to be useful and courteous.

If you’re looking for advice or tips, Mozy has a large support database where you can type in keywords to get the answers to your questions in the knowledge base. There are also video tutorials and a community forum.


Mozy's largest direct competitor is Carbonite which currently takes first place in our reviews. Mozy is a close second because its attention to security is high and its system is easy to use. You don’t get unlimited bandwidth but the bandwidth provided is likely to be high enough to support most regular home users.

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