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Uprinting Review

Developed by: UPrinting
Ranked: 2nd
Overall rating:
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Review summary

Good points Uprinting review good points

• Lots of features

• Free proofing service

• Easy to use

• Professional service

Bad points Uprinting review bad points

• Paper goods only - limited range of other branded goods

• Older browsers not supported

Our verdict

UPrinting is an efficient and professional operation, processing thousands of orders a day through its easy-to-use website. If you’re a small business looking for publicity printing and marketing goods, give the UPrinting service a try.

Full review

The UPrinting service mixes a simple ordering process with a large range of products to ensure you’re satisfied with your online printing. The large range of customizable designs is a draw card, as is the free proofing service and the easy-to-use site. We think you’ll appreciate the professionalism and choice you get with the UPrinting service.

Sign up

In order to get the best from the UPrinting service you need to create an account with the site. All you need is an email address and a password and you can design your print jobs, save your work and proceed to the checkout without any hassle.


The UPrinting process to create your print job takes you through creating a design online, or uploading your existing design, artwork or logo, editing the design and adding your own text, then ordering your prints on the products you require. The instant price calculation helps you in the beginning – you select the product, the paper type, quantity, extras etc and the site delivers a quote so you know roughly what range your costs will be in without having to go through the whole design process. To help you know what your finished product will look and feel like, you can send for free samples of paper and card in order to choose the best finish for your printing jobs.

When your printing has to be perfect, it’s a good idea to proof your work completely before you pay and sign off on the project. There’s nothing worse than your order turning up without the image, or an error with the text formatting. UPrinting offers a free proof service – your files are proofed and checked for errors like misaligned images without you having to pay for your order or give any credit card details. The proof won’t check spelling or grammar, or low-resolution images, so make sure you do that yourself. If you’re stuck or running out of ideas, pay for a one-on-one design help session with UPrinting experts. Revision and design are taken care of for you, although you may be paying a premium for this kind of advice.


While primarily for the business, UPrinting is also suitable for families or individuals looking to create invitations and family announcements.

UPrinting uses vegetable and soy-based inks that help out the environment by cutting the levels of carbon emissions used with traditional petroleum-based ink. You can also choose recycled paper for your print jobs.

UPrinting has a full range of pre-press approved, free templates to download – you don’t need to place an order to look at and download these templates for the major products offered on the site. Alongside this core range of items for printing such as letterheads, business cards and brochures are additional useful items like stickers and business card magnets. However, the site doesn’t sell other printed products like caps or pens so you don’t get such a complete choice as with other online printing services.

Quality of prints & products

We think you’ll appreciate the quality in UPrinting’s final products. However, you do have an outlet if the printing is not up to scratch. UPrinting offers a 100% refund or reprint on any defective print orders or a 100% reprint on any orders that are lost in the mailing system. For every day that your order is late, you can claim a 20% refund on the full price.


Your printing is shipped by UPS. You can choose from UPS ground delivery, delivery by air for the next day, or delivery by air for the second day. The cost of shipping depends on how quickly you want your order to be delivered, the zip code of the delivery address, and how much you are ordering – the number of boxes and their weight. If you want to, you can pick up your order from UPrinting’s store in Los Angeles, Santa Monica.

Ease of use

The UPrinting user interface is simple, clear and straightforward. Navigate through the ordering process with few hassles. UPrinting gives you different options to choose from as you create your design, starting from a choice between creating your printing design from scratch and uploading an existing file to print. The UPrinting design tools are supported by the latest editions of the popular browsers, but not by older versions.

Help & support

A bonus of UPrinting, particularly if you are new to the online printing process, is 24-hour customer support. The 24-hour help only extends to the week, however – if you get stuck at the weekend you are limited to 9am to 6pm assistance. You can call, email or chat online with the UPrinting representatives.


The UPrinting site looks similar to Vistaprint and in many ways the two online printing services are similar. UPrinting also offers cost-effective printing for your business marketing materials and a range of ideas for distinctive designs and projects. UPrinting doesn’t have the same range of additional products to display your print work, such as caps or pens, which is why this service is slightly behind Vistaprint in the league tables.

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