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Screenshots for Cybersitter

Developed by: Solid Oak Software
Ranked: 5th
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Best price: $39.95
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Main Screen - When opening Cybersitter you are prompted with this main screen which summarizes information about the program status and the currently running content filter, activity logger and update manager.

Content Filters - In this panel you can customize Filter settings for each account that is monitored by CYBERsitter. You may check or uncheck filters like Adult Content, Malicious, Mature sites, Inappropriate for kids, Auction sites, Social Networking and others. You may also adjust the level of filter strictness according to a four level scale, but you may also allow a user to access only a list of preset allowed sites.

Custom - In the Custom panel you can manually configure which sites should be always blocked and allowed, as well as set blocking options.

Block Page Options - In this panel, CYBERsitter lets you customize the notification page that users will receive when trying to access a blocked page. You can choose from prompting the program's default blocking page, a generic browser error or even a custom web page that you'll need to locate at a specific web address.

Times - You can apply a Master Internet Access Schedule for all the users on the computer. This can be easily customized by changing the green clusters into red ones in order to deny access. You may also choose from one-click All Times Denied or All Times Allowed options.

Password - To prevent other users' access to CYBERsitter's control panel you can set an admin password that will be requested upon login. You may also add security questions for password recovery assistance.

Filter Inactive Time Selection - From the main screen you can customize the times when filters set by CYBERsitter should be active or not. Red clusters show that filters are active, while green ones show that filters are inactive.

About - From the About page of CYBERsitter's control panel you can see information about your program subscription, as well as links to other subscription options and help and support pages. You may also uninstall the program right from this page.

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