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Instructions - The first thing you need to do after installing IamBigBrother and restarting your computer is to follow the instructions from the newly created link on your desktop. This will explain how to access the software, how to configure and how to view the logged information. To prevent access to this shortcut you can delete it from desktop after reading the content.

Login - To access IamBigBrother you need to type the provided file name in Start>Run and there you will login with the default password that is automatically assigned upon installation.

Home Screen - From this panel you can access all the features and also customize them from the 'Setup' button. You can see here a brief report for America Online, Web, Email and URLs, Instant Messengers and also general Computer Activity. Clicking each of them will open individual panels with detailed reports for each application used.

Change Password - To prevent access for other users, you can change the login password from this panel. In any case, if you forget it, once you reinstall IamBigBrother it will be automatically reset to the default one.

Setup Options - In this panel you can access the links from the left side menu. You can configure Screen Capture, Keyword Filtering, Limited Users, Startup options, as well as Keystroke Logging Setup. Also from here you can configure the Remote Option for monitoring the computer usage.

Setup Screen Capture - IamBigBrother can take screen captures with a frequency that you may set here, which can vary from 1 to 10 minutes, or can be completely turned off. You may also tell IamBigBrother to take screenshots when certain predefined words are being typed.

Setup Keyword Filter - While monitoring the activity of users on your computer, IamBigBrother will save all detected conversations and check for the keywords that you define in these two columns, like 'Personal Info' and 'Bad words', adding these filtering results in the usage reports.

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