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Screenshots for Kidswatch

Developed by: Computer Business Solutions
Ranked: 2nd
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Home Screen - From the KidsWatch home screen you can easily access Reports, Options and the Help menu. In the Accounts/Users panel you can edit the list of existing users by adding new ones or cloning existing ones. Users are differentiated by category and status.

Edit Restrictions - For each user you can edit a large set of restrictions for internet, programs, chat, ports or passwords. The restrictions you can edit refer either to Computer or Web usage restrictions. For each account you can read a summary of the configured restrictions on his Account page.

Category Selection - In the Category Reset page you can reconfigure the restriction level and description for each selected user.

Computer Restrictions - Each user can be allowed a certain amount of time or a certain timeframe in which he can use the computer. The same thing can be configured for Web access. The access limits can be set for either daily or weekly time.

Web Filtering - For online access there are many configurable categories. From here you can block Adult, Illegal, Vice or Security related content, but also websites that are included in general categories like Computers, Education, Business, Art, Shopping and others. You may also set Time Limits and Overrides from here.

Web Site Browsing Quota - For each user you can customize a quota for websites that he can access. By adding a website's address to the list you can allow or restrict it, but you can also set a time limit for access.

Time Allocation - For specific sites that were added to a user's quota, you can set a number of hours for which he can use that site. The hours can be either daily or weekly.

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