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Screenshots for McAfee Safe Family

McAfee Safe Family
Developed by: McAfee
Ranked: 3rd
Overall rating:
Best price: $49.99
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Administrator Login Screen - After intalling McAfee Family Protection you will only be able to access the software by clicking the icon in System tray. The admin user and password are the ones with which you've downloaded the program. Any changes you will make will be possible only with this login. To protect the admin, this login form has no auto-complete.

Customize Settings - For each new user that you create you can cutomize protection rules either based on an age-range or by manually configuring them. You can block or allow the access level to Websites, Videos, Music, Instant Messaging, Online Games or Social Networking, but you can also set Time Limits. All these have separate panels.

Videos - In the Videos panel you can customize access to either Internet TV channels, YouTube or Media Players. YouTube videos can be blocked either partially (by sensitive content) or completely.

Music - Access to Songs with inappropriate content (based on iTunes store preview and download) can be blocked. From the Music panel you can also block access to peer-to-peer file sharing programs.

Instant Messaging - In this panel you can monitor the conversations activity for a user – in programs like Yahoo!, MSN Live Messenger and ICQ, but you can also block these program completely, together with other web-based instant messaging programs.

Social Networking - McAfee Family Protection lets you as an admin block social networking sites for any of your monitored users. To protect family information like street address and home phone, or to monitor posts abour school name or other sensitive content, you can fill and enable them in this panel and they will be monitored.

Time Limits - For all the monitored users you can set time limits for online access based on your timezone. These limits can be either defined by a schedule or by a daily limit. When you open this panel you automatically see the time used for the day and you can either extend or reset it.

Activity Reports - As an admin, you can receive daily or weekly activity reports for any of the monitored users. These reports can be sent via e-mail and are kept in an archive for 30 days.

Advanced Settings - In this panel you can customize advanced settings for Website, Program or Search Term blocking for each user. Program and Search Term blocking can be highly customized based on the installed software and personal interests of users.

Program Blocking - From the Advanced Settings you can block entire program categories from connecting to the Internet or just block individual programs. You may select them from the list or add them manually in the Custom Programs category.

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