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Net Nanny
Developed by: ContentWatch
Ranked: 1st - Best buy
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Admin Panel - Net Nanny allows you to set both Admin and Default user settings in the Admin Panel. The Settings allow you to configure Profile, Filtering, Time Controls and Games usability, but also more specific details regarding Family options like Passwords, Exceptions, Reports and Email Notifications.

Filter Settings - For the Admin user you can configure the behavior for Web, Instant Message, Social Networking and Additional Settings. You may choose which content categories to block or allow, and whether Web activity should be blocked or not.

Instant Messaging - Also from the Admin Panel you can configure and monitor particular things for Instant Messaging, like allowing which software to be used for chat and what content categories to be monitored.

Social Networking - An important feature for common security attacks is the Social Networking monitoring option, which you can enable from here. This allows you to enable or disable access to specific sites and allow profile data reporting.

Additional Settings - From the Admin Panel you can control access to chat rooms, newsgroups or peer-to-peer sites, but also to https sites, 64-bit applications and blog or forum posting.

Time Zone - This feature allows you to control the timeframes in which internet access is allowed, according to your timezone. You may also set a certain daily amount of time for internet allowance.

Games Admin - For gaming management you can block or allow any of the installed games on your machine, either by their names or by their ratings. You may easily block all access to games with a single click.

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