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Screenshots for PureSight

Developed by: Puresight
Ranked: 7th
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Parent Login - To access the admin panel for PureSight Owl you need to go online at and login with your admin credentials. From here you can access all the panels and customize settings either for the entire family or for each user's profile.

Home Screen - In the Home screen you can see an overview for the family Internet usage according to the settings that were configured previously, or according to the default settings if you open this screen for the first time.

General Protection: Content Categories - In this section you can choose between Block or Allow protection modes, after which you can select which categories of content to block or allow. You may choose between Porn & Dating, Social Networks, Violence, Sports and Gaming, Addictions or Forum & Chats pages.

General Protection: Chat Words - PureSight Owl allows you to control certain words and private information that are mentioned in chats. The program has an already defined list of chat words that are automatically controled, but you can as well define your own list of words that should be blocked, allowed or flagged when the program notices that they are used.

Advanced Timetable - To configure a time based usage of Internet for your family you can customize this graph by adding time clusters with the option to never allow internet access, allow, forbid, or add no timetable restrictions. You may also set a Global or Website access time limit, as well as IM time limit per single contact.

Add Profile - To manage the use of Internet among your family you can add different profiles for different age groups. You can enter a name and a child password for them, and configure each user's access based on a recommended preset.

Specific Protection: Websites - In this panel you can select between Block or Allow modes and manage the list of websites that should be blocked or allowed. You also have the option to activate recommended website blacklists and whitelists which are generally known according to laws and public agencies that monitor them.

Specific Protection: File Sharing - Here you can customize each user's file sharing settings. PureSight Owl allows you to choose between default working modes to ensure protection, like Filter, Block All, Monitor Only or Allow All file sharing services.

Activity Reports - PureSight Owl shows you custom reports regarding Intercepted Misuse Attempts, Websites that were blocked, Internet Time used for Surfing, Chat and File Sharing, as well as the number of Sent alerts, each for the current day's timeframe.

Alert Settings - Here you can select how to receive alerts and what you will be alerted about and when. You can choose to be alerted by email with various tolerance limits for inappropriate use of blocked items like websites, instant messaging programs or file sharing applications.

Message Settings - In the Status and Security Messages panel you can choose to either hide or show the status notifications, but you can also choose to be informed immediately after major attempts to access PureSight Owl's admin panel have been tracked.

Webpage Blocked by PureSight Owl - This is an example of the screen that users will see when a page that fits the configured profile is blocked by PureSight Owl. If you are nearby you can override the block and grant access by entering your admin password and allow access to the website for 30 minutes.

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