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Screenshots for Spytech SentryPC

Spytech SentryPC
Developed by: Spytech
Ranked: 6th
Overall rating:
Best price: $49.95
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Admin setup - When first accessing SpyTech SentryPC you need to setup an administrator password that you will be asked for when wanting to access or make changes to the program's settings.

Quick User Configuration - Before making specific configurations you can select some quick user settings from this panel, like the total access time for a user or what monitoring level and filters should be enabled by default.

Administrator Control Panel - – In this panel you have access to all the filters that SentryPC can apply to each user on the machine where it is installed. You can configure Time Management, Program Access Restrictions, Additional Filtering Settings, Website Access Restrictions and also view the activity logs.

Time Management - SentryPc allows you to configure weekly time limits for the users. You may set here the amount of total allowed time, the day for resetting the time counter and ways to display alerts. You may also edit a weekly time schedule based on individual timing for each day.

Applications Filtering - Here you can enable Applications Filtering and add programs to the list of blocked items. For each one you can either set the schedule to be „Always Block” or you can edit individual times. You may also enable the display of alerts when blocking events happen.

Chat Filtering - Chat programs can be also filtered by SentryPC. Checking them in this list will enable filtering, which means that the programs will be closed if the user tries to access them and an entry will be added to the user's log.

Security Settings - Here you may configure additional security restrictions which can prevent the users from accessing SentryPC or making system modifications that could allow them to close the program. In this way, you can disable access to Windows Desktop, Bootkeys, Start Menu, Control Panel and even Task Manager.

Advanced Options - In the Advanced Options panel you can configure the Hotkeys for accessing the admin panel, but also set a Threat Priority and change the Log saving location.

Program Settings - Here you can customize some General settings like Hiding SentryPC from the taskbar, disabling the hotkeys or running SentryPC in stealth mode. You may also set from here a Startup message that the users can see when logging in.

Administrative Commands - From the Central Command panel you may access, via admin login, some extra features like Locking or Unlocking the computer, Granting Full or Temporary access, or Resetting the user time used to zero.

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