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Developed by: Awareness Technologies
Ranked: 4th
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Installation - Unlike other parental control software, WebWatcher installs through a web based interface. This is why you need to be at the computer of the person you want to monitor, otherwise you need to do some configuring later.

Admin Panel - To access the WebWatcher panel you need to go online at and login with your credentials. This can be done from a different computer. In the Admin Panel you can access and configure the settings you want to use for the monitored users.

Account Information - For Account Information you may edit your contact information, but, most importantly, you can customize a hotkey sequence that you can use to access WebWatcher's status panel from the computer you are monitoring.

Recording & Blocking - In this section you can choose what items should be recorded on the monitored computer. This can be email, chat, keystrokes, websites. You may also turn on or off website or programs blocking, as well as smart camera or alert words.

Alert Words - You may create categories of key words that you think the monitored user might look for online. If Alert Words is enabled in the Recording & Blocking panel, the reports you'll be receiving will contain information about the use of these words.

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