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Review summary

Good points Home Accountz review good points

• Customize financial reports

• Friendly customer service and forums

• Timesaving transaction inputs

• Very simple to use

Bad points Home Accountz review bad points

• Limited budgeting feature

• Limited mobile app features

Our verdict

Home Accountz is a nice and simple, clean and clear, software package that we found easy to use. Some of the reporting tools are a little too complicated to be of serious use, but the Easy Steps system makes light work of all the day-to-day tasks you’ll need to complete.

Full review

A personal finance package that’s been on the market since 1991, Home Accountz helps you consolidate your accounts so you stay on top of your finances. The program combines a full package of accounts reconciliation, budgeting, and reporting options so you can stay in control. We looked at the Home Accountz features to find out exactly what it has to offer.


Home Accountz doesn’t sync with your bank directly but if you have an online banking site set up you can export your bank statements directly from your bank to Home Accountz. Once you have set up your accounts you need to manually reconcile the transactions from the bank statement to Home Accountz, or enter them manually from the start. Entering transactions manually is easier if you do it as you spend, using the mobile app or a combination of the mobile app and the PC.

You can set up recurring transactions so that you don’t need to worry about inputting the same details over and over again. This is a small time saver that we found useful. You can adjust the payment date once you have set up a recurring transaction. Another time saver is the template transaction, where you can set up a template for a regular transaction, filling in all the detail apart from the final amount, which you add when you carry out the transaction.

While you can add an investment account to your accounts, you cannot track share prices with this software. But you can manually check the value of shares over time if you find the share price and keep it updated by hand.


Make a budget based on your past spending habits so you can see where you are overspending, and where it is possible to make budget cuts. Using the budget you can save for a rainy day, or get the money together for a vacation, or a new car.

You create a budget for the entire year. When you create categories within the budget you assign them a yearly spend and this is automatically split into 12 for your monthly budget summary. You can change amounts for different months by adjusting the percentage of the annual total. Or, there is an alternative – create a budget on a month by month basis.

The budgeting tools are not particularly robust, and while you can see where you are spending and if you are going over budget, there are no helpful tools to get you out of debt, or saving more.


Home Accountz has a good number of reports designed for quick reference. These include lists of cleared transactions, all transactions, transactions in the last seven days, and next month’s transactions among others. You can also configure reports based on your own criteria and set up different reports for different functions. For example you can set up a report that helps you complete your self-assessment tax return, or a report that shows your spending in a particular category.

You can export the report in CSV or print it as a PDF. When you print a report you can use one of a number of preset templates to decide on the format of the document along with fonts and colors. You can set up these templates beforehand and create as many as you want.

Mobile app

The free Home Accountz mobile app is a simple app where you enter your expenses as they occur, and have this transferred instantly to the main Accountz system.

If you want a back-up you can host your data files – which are encrypted – on the Home Accountz server. This cloud-based storage means you can access your accounts whichever computer you are using, so long as you are connected to the internet.


Protect the data you have within Home Accountz by password-protecting your computer so no one can access it if they don’t have the password. You can set up a password-protect system once you have access to the software.

Help & Support

Home Accountz is an easy software package to use so you shouldn’t need too much in the way of help and support. The Easy Steps feature simplifies common tasks into small, easily managed steps so you don’t have to hunt around for the right buttons to press.

If you want telephone support a paid-for package is available based on a one-off amount that covers you for the whole year. If you don’t want to pay, the forums provide answers to many of the most common questions and problems. The forums are managed by support staff and are also popular with customers.


Home Accountz is a clear and straightforward product that solves your immediate personal finance problems. With an easy to use interface and a range of basic features, Home Accountz helps streamline your accounts and budget.

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