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ZeroNetHistory Review


This product has been dis-continued by FBM Software.

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Review summary

Good points ZeroNetHistory review good points

• Very easy to use

• Flashy/Attractive

• Supports all major web browsers

Bad points ZeroNetHistory review bad points

• No email support

• Poor help and support

• Below-average PC cleaning

Our verdict

ZeroNetHistory is a solid privacy program and you can definitely do worse. It's easy to use and gets the job done. However, there is better value elsewhere on the market. While the browser cleaning of this program is fantastic, the cleaning of offline files is where it lacks. Also, it might not be as feature-heavy as some may want.

Full review

ZeroNetHistory is made by fbmSoftware, who also make ZeroSpyware. The company only makes those two programs, so we're here to find out how their privacy software stacks up against the big boys of the computer software realm.


The setup was simple and quick. After purchasing the product for $29.95, all you do is download the setup file and then let the installer do it's work. The setup only takes a total of about one minute to be ready to use. The program will run on any Windows version of XP or later.

Internet Cleaning

ZeroNetHistory deletes every type of internet file out there. From auto complete data to cookies, the program will get rid of it with no problem. ZeroNetHistory even erases all data leftover from your instant messenger, as well as plenty of other third-party programs that are internet related. It's hard to compete with this program's ability to completely erase browser data.

PC cleaning

For those pesky PC files you have lurking in your system, ZeroNetHistory is lacking a little bit. It doesn't support as many types of offline files as some other programs, so if there are certain types of files you want gone that it does not support, you will have to go through the tedious task of shredding them manually. You will find that other programs can easily rid of more types of PC files and data.


ZeroNetHistory won't accidentally delete any files important to your computer's life, so unless you accidentally shred an important file manually, it's literally impossible for this program to crash your PC. The program is also extremely easy to understand and navigate, so you won't accidentally click on something you didn't want to.


File Shredder – ZeroNetHistory sports your basic file shredder that can rewrite over a file and it's leftover data as many times you choose. Like most of these types of programs, the shredder features three different levels of shredding. The more times you want to overwrite a file, the longer it takes.

Erase traces – While almost all privacy software offers a shredder for individual files, this program can wipe through your entire hard drive's free space and make sure that everything you've ever deleted on your PC has been completely removed. No trace left behind.

Ease of use

ZeroNetHistory is one of the most easy to use pieces of software that you will ever find. It has pictures, boxes, explanations, and more, which makes it super easy to navigate and use. Beginner and expert users alike will love this program because of it's attractive interface and flashy animation after a click.

Help and support

ZeroNetHistory has a help tab built into the program. It has a button for a help file, FAQ page, and live chat help. The live chat help seems to be often disconnected when visiting their website, which is a little discouraging. Hopefully this is a one time problem because live chat is always a useful means of support.


ZeroNetHistory is a solid privacy program and can definitely prove useful, but with the same price tag as some superior programs, it's hard to recommend it. The only people who might want to get this program is beginner PC users. The program is solid all around and might be the easiest to use on the market. However, there is much better value to be found elsewhere.

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Ratings breakdown

 received a rating of 3 for Overall
 received a rating of 3 for Setup
Internet cleaning
 received a rating of 3 for Internet cleaning
PC cleaning
 received a rating of 3 for PC cleaning
 received a rating of 4 for Safety
 received a rating of 4 for Features
Ease of use
 received a rating of 3 for Ease of use
Help & support
 received a rating of 3 for Help & support