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Project management

Successful organizations plan, collaborate and execute to get work done on time and within budget. Project management software best suits varied sized businesses and entrepreneurs looking to get a team working efficiently together on a project.

Project management comparison chart for 2024

Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6
Zoho Projects
Five stars means excellent
Very good
Four stars means very good
Three stars means good
Two stars means average /
One star means poor
Asana has been awarded best buy Product image of asana Product image of Product image of zoho projects Product image of teamwork Product image of smartsheet Product image of liquidplanner
Project managing
asana  budgeting  budgeting zoho projects  budgeting teamwork  budgeting smartsheet  budgeting liquidplanner  budgeting
Task management
asana  task management  task management zoho projects  task management teamwork  task management smartsheet  task management liquidplanner  task management
Address issues
asana  address issues  address issues zoho projects  address issues teamwork  address issues smartsheet  address issues liquidplanner  address issues
Gantt charts
asana  gantt charts  gantt charts zoho projects  gantt charts teamwork  gantt charts smartsheet  gantt charts liquidplanner  gantt charts
Custom fields
asana  custom fields  custom fields zoho projects  custom fields teamwork  custom fields smartsheet  custom fields liquidplanner  custom fields
asana  cpm  cpm zoho projects  cpm teamwork  cpm smartsheet  cpm liquidplanner  cpm
Document management
asana  document management  document management zoho projects  document management teamwork  document management smartsheet  document management liquidplanner  document management
Project request form
asana  project request form  project request form zoho projects  project request form teamwork  project request form smartsheet  project request form liquidplanner  project request form
Resource allocation
Time management
asana  time management  time management zoho projects  time management teamwork  time management smartsheet  time management liquidplanner  time management
asana  scheduling  scheduling zoho projects  scheduling teamwork  scheduling smartsheet  scheduling liquidplanner  scheduling
Expense/timesheet alerts
asana  expense/timesheet alerts  expense/timesheet alerts zoho projects  expense/timesheet alerts teamwork  expense/timesheet alerts smartsheet  expense/timesheet alerts liquidplanner  expense/timesheet alerts
Resource filters
asana  resource filters  resource filters zoho projects  resource filters teamwork  resource filters smartsheet  resource filters liquidplanner  resource filters
Capacity planning
asana  capacity planning  capacity planning zoho projects  capacity planning teamwork  capacity planning smartsheet  capacity planning liquidplanner  capacity planning
Can import project schedules
asana  can import project schedules  can import project schedules zoho projects  can import project schedules teamwork  can import project schedules smartsheet  can import project schedules liquidplanner  can import project schedules
Other features
Customer onboarding
asana  customer onboarding  customer onboarding zoho projects  customer onboarding teamwork  customer onboarding smartsheet  customer onboarding liquidplanner  customer onboarding
Product launches
asana  product launches  product launches zoho projects  product launches teamwork  product launches smartsheet  product launches liquidplanner  product launches
Applicant tracking
asana  applicant tracking  applicant tracking zoho projects  applicant tracking teamwork  applicant tracking smartsheet  applicant tracking liquidplanner  applicant tracking
Enhancement requests
asana  enhancement requests  enhancement requests zoho projects  enhancement requests teamwork  enhancement requests smartsheet  enhancement requests liquidplanner  enhancement requests
Monitor performance
asana  monitor performance  monitor performance zoho projects  monitor performance teamwork  monitor performance smartsheet  monitor performance liquidplanner  monitor performance
Cross department collaboration
asana  cross department collaboration  cross department collaboration zoho projects  cross department collaboration teamwork  cross department collaboration smartsheet  cross department collaboration liquidplanner  cross department collaboration
Email alerts
asana  email alerts  email alerts zoho projects  email alerts teamwork  email alerts smartsheet  email alerts liquidplanner  email alerts
Document collaboration
asana  document collaboration  document collaboration zoho projects  document collaboration teamwork  document collaboration smartsheet  document collaboration liquidplanner  document collaboration
Member collaboration
asana  member collaboration  member collaboration zoho projects  member collaboration teamwork  member collaboration smartsheet  member collaboration liquidplanner  member collaboration
Communication tools
asana  communication tools  communication tools zoho projects  communication tools teamwork  communication tools smartsheet  communication tools liquidplanner  communication tools
Ease of use
Fully customizable
asana  fully customizable  fully customizable zoho projects  fully customizable teamwork  fully customizable smartsheet  fully customizable liquidplanner  fully customizable
asana  templates  templates zoho projects  templates teamwork  templates smartsheet  templates liquidplanner  templates
Variety of views
asana  variety of views  variety of views zoho projects  variety of views teamwork  variety of views smartsheet  variety of views liquidplanner  variety of views
Can import excel
asana  can import excel  can import excel zoho projects  can import excel teamwork  can import excel smartsheet  can import excel liquidplanner  can import excel
Help & support
Phone support
asana  phone support  phone support zoho projects  phone support teamwork  phone support smartsheet  phone support liquidplanner  phone support
asana  email  email zoho projects  email teamwork  email smartsheet  email liquidplanner  email
Live chat support
asana  live chat support  live chat support zoho projects  live chat support teamwork  live chat support smartsheet  live chat support liquidplanner  live chat support
Online webinars
asana  online webinars  online webinars zoho projects  online webinars teamwork  online webinars smartsheet  online webinars liquidplanner  online webinars
asana  faq  faq zoho projects  faq teamwork  faq smartsheet  faq liquidplanner  faq
asana  forums  forums zoho projects  forums teamwork  forums smartsheet  forums liquidplanner  forums

Project management explained


Taking a plan to fruition is the key to success for a business or organisation. However, this can be a complicated and error-laden route. Online project management services are all about integrating with what you currently have – Google docs, Microsoft Project, Outlook, mobiles, calendars, and CRM software – to nurture your projects from creation to completion.

  • Allows easy communication on big projects, from project manager down to each and every member.
  • Make your plans, projects and final products more professional and organised; everybody will know where they stand and what they must do.


  • Schedule your team’s human skills allocation, production resources and finances.
  • Most services allow you to remind yourself or your colleagues with an email alert.
  • Some services allow you to track applications to job positions in your company, and even test how having them on board would affect the progress of your project, determined by the new allocation of resources.
  • Track time, track resources, track capacity, track the team’s tasks etc.
  • Highlight issues for all or just a few to see.
  • Bring various applications all under one roof: store and track documents, import CRM data, Excel spreadsheets, and more.
  • The project budget can be seen, but also broken down into manageable stages, easier to understand and allocate.
  • Some services allow all of this to be accessed via apps on mobile, tablet and android.
  • Different services allow different levels of customization so the software works the same way your company does, not the other way around.



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