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ParetoLogic RegCure Pro
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• Friendly interface

• Peace of mind back-up and restore features

• Informative progress bar

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Our verdict

RegCure Pro is an excellent Windows Registry Cleaner that effectively repairs registry problems to speed-up your computers performance. We love its ease of use, simplicity and its powerful technology.

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Installation was a breeze and the download is less than 2MB.


Scan options - You can select/de-select which items RegCure Pro will look for during its scan process. So if you don't want to check for application paths or file associations you can remove them from the scan.

Scheduled scans - You can select when you want RegCure Pro to run an automatic scan. You can do this weekly, monthly and even select the day of the week. You can also choose to schedule a scan when your computer is idle.

Ignore list - When an item is added to the Ignore list, RegCure Pro does not remove the item and it ignores it in future scans




Back-up and restore - Every time you use RegCure Pro to remove items in your registry a back-up file is created automatically. With these back-ups you can successfully restore any items removed from the registry. You can also restore more than one back-up file at a time.

Manage startup - Allows you to choose which applications are run when Windows starts up. Disabling certain programs can increase your start up spend and reduce frustration.

Ease of use

RegCure Pro has the best interface of all the registry cleaners we tested. Its simplicity is a major factor, afterall a registry cleaner doesn't need to be complicated. RegCure Pro has definitely been designed with safety in mind and you end up feeling confident that your not going to do something drastic to your computer, or if you do RegCure Pro is ready to put a back-up in place.

Help & support

Regcure Pro comes with a comprehensive help section. If your unable to find the solution to your problem using the help section, you can also try our RegCure's online FAQ section. There is also an email address for other support problems.


We are big fans of RegCure Pro, mainly because it is so simple to use and it also out performed all other registry cleaners during our tests. RegCure Pro is developed by ParetoLogic a reputable software who produce a number of software products. In 2008 ParetoLogic was awarded with the highly coveted Technology Company of the Year award.

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