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PC Tools Registry Mechanic Review

PC Tools Registry Mechanic

This product has been dis-continued by PC Tools.

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Review summary

Good points PC Tools Registry Mechanic review good points

• Interface is clean, simple, and effective

• Made by a company with a great reputation

• Scans the registry thoroughly and repairs registry errors quickly

• Provides detailed results in a format that is easy to understand

• Excellent customer support

Bad points PC Tools Registry Mechanic review bad points

• Includes several unnecessary tools that are already available within the Windows operating system

Our verdict

Registry Mechanic will clean, repair, and optimize the Windows registry without any risk of harming the system. It is designed so that even novice users can work with it comfortably. For advanced users, there are a few additional features and some room for customizations.

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Full review

PC Tools is one of the best system-security companies around; they are also known for their excellent system-utility software. One of their most popular system-utility offerings, Registry Mechanic, was designed to fix problems within the Windows registry. According to PC Tools, Registry Mechanic will effectively clean, repair, and optimize the registry to improve system performance and resolve security issues. To find out whether or not PC Tools' claims are true, we downloaded Registry Mechanic Version 10 and spent some time evaluating it.


Installing Registry Mechanic is not hard; it takes a single mouse click and less than three minutes to install. Once the installation of Registry Mechanic is complete, the software will retrieve updates and run its initial registry scan.


Registry Mechanic runs its scans quietly in the background. It finishes fairly quickly, and it uses minimal resources, which means that users can easily do other things while the scan is in progress. Once the scan is complete, Registry Mechanic will provide information on the errors found, including information on each error's severity. Registry errors are grouped into several different categories, and items can be deselected before any changes are made to the registry.


Registry Mechanic is very effective as a registry-cleaning tool. In fact, we were extremely impressed by the software's deep-scan option; it uncovered a large amount of redundant registry entries that had been left behind by installations performed months earlier. This software detects registry errors of all types, and it effectively repairs them with little to no effort required from users.


Any changes made to the registry can cause potential problems, and many registry-cleaning programs are capable of leaving users' systems unstable. Fortunately, Registry Mechanic backs up the Windows registry before it makes any changes. By backing up the registry, Registry Mechanic ensures that all potential issues caused by registry optimizations can be resolved quickly and easily.


While the majority of Registry Mechanic's primary features, such as registry compacting, are concerned in some way with the registry, there are also several additional features that were included in this version to improve system performance and protect users' privacy.

Registry compacting – This feature optimizes the registry by removing gaps and wasted space; this improves your system performance. This tool found that our system's registry had 3MB of wasted space and gave us the option to compact the registry to remove the wasted space. While the tool worked quite well, compacting the registry did require a quick restart.

Scheduler – As its name suggests, this feature schedules registry maintenance so that users are not required to run scans manually.

Secure file deletion – In this version, Registry Mechanic is also able to securely delete files and bleach free space to protect users' privacy.

History clearing – With the inclusion of this privacy-protection feature, Registry Mechanic is now able to clear the histories of over 100 third-party programs, including web browsers, instant messengers, and more.

Ease of use

Registry Mechanic features a clean interface that is incredibly easy to navigate through. This software's primary features are all labeled and organized in a clear, simple manner, which we liked quite a lot. Other users, however, especially those who like to tweak their software extensively, may find Registry Mechanic's simplistic presentation to be a bit restrictive.

Help & support

PC Tools offers a wide variety of support options, including support via chat, e-mail, and telephone. In addition to these options, PC Tools has a section on their website dedicated entirely to support inquiries. Not only does this section have a detailed FAQ page, it features an active forum that contains a wealth of information related to PC Tools software and general computer-security concerns.


The latest Registry Mechanic is an excellent piece of system-utility software. While some of its features are unnecessary, it includes several useful extras and its core components work extremely well. As with all software released by PC Tools, Registry Mechanic is extremely easy to use, and extensive support options are available for those who need extra help. PC users who want software that will effectively clean and optimize their registry will be quite happy with Registry Mechanic.

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