BlackBerry Touch 9810

BlackBerry Touch 9810
Developed by: Research In Motion (RIM)
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Review summary

Good points BlackBerry Touch 9810 review good points

• Generous amounts of battery life

• Beautiful touch screen

• Clever and easy interface

• Fast, responsive processor

Bad points BlackBerry Touch 9810 review bad points

• Small 5-megapixel camera

• Out-dated design

• Slow internet speeds (no flash internet)

• Looks like its predecessor

Our verdict

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It wouldn’t be harsh to say that BlackBerry has a knack of making “their type of phone” and not being very innovative, even though RIM, the developers, revolutionise the phone on the inside, it seems they are compelled to leave us with the brick-like outside.

This isn’t bad for some people, to us though, it seems a bit shabby against the likes of the iPhone 4S or Galaxy S3 – especially when both of these are running the same price-market.

It really is still a business class style, a heavy one too. The BlackBerry Torch 9810 will fetch in at 161g, which is exactly what the predecessor weight.


This is the area where BlackBerry laugh at competitors, with their average signal connections. BlackBerry dominates the airwaves and somehow manages to administer brilliant reception, wherever you are.

It is not a new perk to BlackBerry, there phones have always been capable of calling people without any bad signal or interruption. The Torch 9810 has a great edge and you will never hear any background noise or disapproving sounds. It works seemingly perfect and other phone brands must wonder just how they do it.


The processor has been doubled since the previous in the series was released, and with good reason. Even though the design hasn’t changed, there are plenty of more time consuming programs and apps that the processor must be able to handle.

Fortunately, the 1.2GHz single-core, which doesn’t sound that good, works a treat on the phone and you barely find any lag or failure from it. This is a great improvement from the last batch, which was reported to have a few little jitters on more than the odd occasion.

The single-core is brilliant on a BlackBerry because BlackBerry’s don’t consume as much as phones like the iPhone 4S and Galaxy Nexus do – this makes it much easier for RIM to fit the Torch 9810 with small but powerful products and make it still work well.

Operating system

If you are looking for radical redesign with the BlackBerry OS7, you will be disappointed. The new OS, which has been booted to the 7th generation, has no differentiation from its previous OS6 if you look at it from a graphical point.

This is maddening, because RIM has decided instead of checking all the bad features of OS6, they have just taken out the really bad ones and let all the others hop onto OS7. This has left users facing the unbearable task of going off apps, going to notifications and finding out what notifications they have had, instead of a task-bar that allows you to check them automatically, without disrupting you.

They have also taken with them into OS7 the no-app-tray, which all other phones have. This, again, means that instead of just having apps on the home-screen, you must go into apps and find the one you want to use.

RIM have made some changes for good though, they have pushed the speed of browsing and opening apps to an incredible 45% extra (according to RIM). This is a very quicker browsing capacity, and another reason they installed a bigger processor.


Stuffing a phone with a 5-megapixel camera was very “last year”, with the norm being 8-megapixels now and the fancy ones having luxurious 12-megapixels.

Still, we suppose RIM is focusing on their targeted audiences, and this audience isn’t going to be photographers or teens, it is businessmen, and it seems businessmen are not bothered about the size of their camera.

But, they may be bothered about the quality of images – as RIM have worked diligently on making the camera better quality, and having images without brick-pixels. Now, instead of hardly recognising if it’s your friend or something on Minecraft you took a picture of, the developers have seen to it that still images look fantastic.

We are impressed by the BlackBerry Torch 9810’s camera quality, for a 5-megapixel, the images look like the came off a top of the range phone, with light and colour coming out well. Photo-noise isn’t a problem too, and it seems capturing images on the move works pretty good as well.


Battery life has always been better than average on BlackBerry phones and it is brilliant to see that even though they added a lot, they have lost the battery life that sustains the phone for a few days without charge.

Even though the 1300mAh battery is the same as its predecessors, it doesn’t become any less lively, even with a bigger processor and more features.

The only criticism I can give is that BlackBerry’s and videos do not go well, and you will see a dramatic drop in the battery life if you attempt to watch movies on the phone. The movie feel isn’t that great either, so I would just stick to Netflix or TV.


Internal storage is rather small, with only 8GB’s, this is terrible compared to some of the options available on other phones in the same price range.

Fortunately, the Torch comes fitted with 32GB’s of MicroSD card space, which you can take out whenever your phone is feeling full. There is also many cloud storage options, if you don’t like the manual route.


The BlackBerry Torch 9810 is a brilliant phone in business aspects; it runs for days, it has beautiful reception and an LED light to tell you when you’ve got notifications. The bad points are the OS isn’t very user friendly and you will find that it doesn’t live up to the iPhone 4S or Galaxy Nexus, which both have good reception and ok battery life too.

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