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LG Optimus 3D
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Review summary

Good points LG Optimus 3D review good points

• 3D technology

• Good processor

• 1080 HD video recording

Bad points LG Optimus 3D review bad points

• Low battery life

• Boring design

• Small amount of 3D uses

Our verdict

With 3D becoming more commonplace in movies and now on TV’s, it seems the next step is onto smartphones. This is LG’s first attempt at a “non-glasses” 3D phone, while the 3D is nice, is it worth the hefty weight and price-tag?

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Shockingly, we have finally found an LG phone that doesn’t look beautiful, with the LG Prada as the showcase of how good LG phones can look, I think the Optimus 3D should be the showcase of when things go wrong.

We are not saying it is an ugly phone; just that it seems they haven’t done anything to make it attractive to the eye. It isn’t all disappointing though, as smartphones on a whole have bland chassis designs nowadays, with steel becoming the most favoured material.

The phone is heavy and big and it’ll be a challenge to keep it in your pocket, with a 4.3-inch screen and about 0.7 more inches of chassis, it is one of the biggest on the market.


There are no problems with the Optimus’ reception; in fact, we would go as far to say it is one of the best phone receptions on the market. The volume is perfect and doesn’t need to be turned up fully, even in noisy areas, you can clearly hear the person calling you and they can hear you without any problems.

Another great addition to reception is there is no unknown clicking, fuzzing or any other weird noise while calling someone. The signal is clear and there are no annoyances.


Even though LG’s processor isn’t the biggest or fastest, it seems to work very well and is very reliable, even when you are using 3D, there is not any large lag when you use any application and the processing speed is very fast.

Being a 3D phone, you would expect a rather big processor, to quickly handle all these applications, but LG didn’t think you would. They decided to fit a 1.0GHz dual-core processor in, which would have been pretty good a year back, but now, with quad-core’s and speeds of 1.5Ghz’s, it is a pretty small processor.

Nevertheless, it does the job quite well and there aren’t any problems with speeds, of course, opening too many applications at once will make the processing times slower, but that is usual with most processors.

Operating System

It’s quite astonishing how many smartphones on the Android group haven’t went with the latest version and instead for a degraded version. The Optimus runs Android 2.2.2, a very ancient version, going back to a year and a half. While the LG did get released 10 months ago, it is a shame we haven’t seen an upgrade.

LG have stated that most smartphones will have upgrades within the next year, it has definitely made the LG feel like a bit of an old phone, if it weren’t for the 3D, you would question the price tag.

LG have made changes to 2.2.2, making the skin feel more “LG style”, they have also simplified a few features that 2.2.2 failed to see.


There isn’t much to awe at when you look at the Optimus 3D’s camera, it is a 5-megapixel camera and doesn’t have any fantastic features. You can capture pretty good pictures, resolution is good and colour is okay, even in low light, but the images aren’t great, they are just good.

There is a feel that the camera is neither bad nor good, it is just an average camera, this isn’t what any smartphone wants, they want to make their cameras special, it seems LG just missed the mark.

1080p HD 2D videos are a brilliant feature that LG have added and they have also put on 720p 3D recording. Both of these video-features work very well and you achieve rather great results with both. The only problem is with the 3D, the camera cannot pick up fast images and blur becomes apparent.


The idea of a 3D phone is still quite daunting, the size of the screen is one feature that makes 3D hard to understand, the other is the software used.

Both, however, don’t seem to be an issue on the Optimus. The screen resolution and quality is perfect and 3D videos, images, games and apps work well, even though there is a lack of them.

3D without those stupid large glasses is also a plus, when you can watch 3D without looking like a buffoon, you know something is going right.


Battery life was always going to be bad, with 3D technology; you are basically harbouring a battery muncher on your phone. The 1500 mAh battery seems to not have enough juice to keep all the features happy, and you will be lucky if the phone survives a day without needing to be charged.

Using 3D programs for a day, we found the battery to last around 6 hours, it last about 8/9 hours when you are just using 2D applications.


There is only a measly 8GB’s of storage, although it does come with a 16GB MicroSD card, to remove the storage and place it on your computer or other storage device. There are few cloud apps on the Android market, but these do give you cloud storage as well.


Buying this phone really depends on how much you enjoy 3D technology and how much you are going to use the 3D features, if you aren’t going to use it that much, try browsing the Samsung or HTC sections, if you do, however, enjoy 3D features, then this phone is the best on the market.

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 received a rating of 3 for Reception
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 received a rating of 3 for Operating system
 received a rating of 4 for Camera
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 received a rating of 3 for Voice recognition
 received a rating of 4 for Battery
 received a rating of 3 for Storage