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Good points Mark/Space review good points

• Features an intuitive user interface

• Has a decent range of features

Bad points Mark/Space review bad points

• Poor calendar synchronization

Our verdict

MarkSpace is equipped with a range of useful tools and features that allow users to effectively sync their data across a mobile device and a desktop computer. While some of the features like the contacts synchronization work extremely well, the calendar synchronization is poor and the software has numerous bugs that need to be fixed.

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The installation process is straight forward and takes around 10 minutes to complete. Following the installation, the user can access the configuration section which allows them to setup the synchronization settings and define what files should be synced.


MarkSpace has a number of synchronization options, including: Folder Sync, Calendar, contacts, Video Sync, Picture Sync and bookmarks. The contacts sync feature automatically syncs the user’s contacts list when the device is connected to a preferred wireless network. The bookmarks synchronization feature is quite nifty as it allows the user to import bookmarks from their desktop browser, while the folder sync feature works extremely well as it is largely automated and is just a simple case of dragging and dropping folders into the USB drive.

The picture and video sync tools function in a similar way to the folder sync tool as the user simply selects individual files and folders to and drags them into the sync queue. The video sync feature is capable of converting video files but this usually results in a number of error messages. Also, the calendar feature is somewhat redundant as it simply overwrites the calendar with data saved on the user’s desktop mail client rather than syncing the data across both devices.

Ease of use

The software features a user friendly interface that is intuitively designed so that it is easy to navigate. All the settings and features of the software are easily accessible via the tabbed design which opens up to drop down menus after selecting a specific category. Overall the user functionality of this software is very good, it doesn’t cause any obstruction and the synchronization tools are easy to use.

Help & support

A number of customer support options are available through the Mark Space website. Users can access a database of frequently asked questions which contains solutions to commonly encountered problems and also attain useful information from the articles available in the knowledgebase. Customer support can be contacted directly via email if required and the response time is quite good.


Mark Space is a solid all round program that automates the process of backing up contacts and has a number of other nifty features that enable the user to sync their data across a mobile device and their computer. However, it must be noted that the software has a number of bugs that need to be addressed before we can recommend this software to users.

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