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Syncables Review


This product has been dis-continued by Syncables.

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Review summary

Good points Syncables review good points

• Recently refined and friendly interface

• Particularly ideal for netbook users

• Stream media over a network

• Linux support

Bad points Syncables review bad points

• Support section is weak

Our verdict

Despite some stiff and established competition, Syncables 360 has successfully pushed its way into a crowded market. The sleek user interface and relative ease with which you can back-up/transfer data makes it one of our top recommendations.

Full review

Syncables 360 is a relative newcomer to the syncing market that allows you to easily sync, share and transfer almost any file from one device to another – be it a computer, mobile smartphone or between different operating systems.


You begin by creating a ‘Syncables library' that contains specific files and folders that you want to keep up-to-date on all your devices. A single click on the ‘sync now’ button will execute the transfer of files from one device to the other.

Though there were a few hiccups when transferring from PC to Mac and vice versa, overall this program does exactly what it says on the box. Whether you want to keep music, photos, emails and even bookmarks synced across several devices or you simply want to transfer all your files to a new computer, this program manages to deliver on these tasks - and with style.


Syncables can perform the normal tasks expected of synchronization software such as syncing between computers and mobile devices as well as one-way transfers. Add to this its social networking perks and you really do have something that is both fun and functional. Syncables Desktop application can upload directly to your Facebook, Smug Mug, Flickr or YouTube account with just a few clicks.

Users can also connect through their internal network to collaborate and share files – and more impressively you can create a ‘media hub’ on one computer to stream content over your own network. So if you have an extensive music or video collection on your desktop, you can still enjoy it from a device in another room without having to take up precious space on your netbook, for example.

The types of files you can sync are many – documents, music, videos, emails, contacts and even browser bookmarks or favourites can be shared. Syncables can share files between Windows, Mac, Linux, Blackberry/smartphones and Windows Mobile devices.

One distinct advantage of syncing your data between multiple machines is that you are automatically creating back-ups. So, if your hard drive fails on one machine, you can always recover your synced data from another device. You can also easily migrate data to a new computer using the program’s unique 1-way sync technology.

Outlook, Windows Mail and Thunderbird contacts can be synced, even between different OS such as Windows, Mac and Linux. Syncables Desktop will automatically convert mail items from one format to another before syncing. This also applies to portable devices that automatically sync when connected to your Syncables computer. The software will convert files to the formats required by smartphones and Blackberry devices as well.


Sharing files and collaboration over a private network are made easier with Syncables as well. Rather than transferring copies of large presentation, you can create a virtual media hub within your network and stream content from one Syncables device to another via your LAN.

Ease of use

Though the user interface looks great, it wasn’t a complete success in terms of logical placement of functions. So it may seem a bit confusing at the beginning. However, once you’ve learned your way around the desktop application, you’ll discover just how quick and simple all of your syncing tasks can be.

Help & support

The knowledge base and FAQs cover many of the key areas of the software, but they are nowhere near as comprehensive as SugarSync's. Though they have created a troubleshooting section, there are no troubleshooting items listed. Since Syncables is a relatively new product, we are assuming that this section is currently under development. Unlike GoodSync, you do have the option of email technical support through a ticketing system, but telephone support is, yet again, non-existent.


As a relative newcomer to the sync market, this program shows great potential. It is an ideal solution for someone syncing Windows based devices but it has some difficulty syncing PC to Mac. Having said this, the impressive features set can only improve over time with further development and we think Syncables is a sound and economical investment for users that want their information and social media on the go.

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