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Screenshots for Systweak Advanced System Optimizer

Systweak Advanced System Optimizer

This product has been dis-continued by Systweak.

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Home Screen - The main panel of Advanced System Optimizer opens with a quick view for System Status, showing you the Security, Cleaning and Optimizing status, as well as results from the last computer scan. From this home screen you can access the menus of the program, like Smart PC Care, Registry Optimizers, Disk Cleaner, Backup and Recovery and more.

Smart PC Care - In this panel you can select which items should be scanned and cleaned upon system scan, and also what actions should be performed. Once you define the tasks the scanning will start after you click Start Scan. Also from here you may schedule an Automatic Smart PC Care scan to be performed at specific times that you choose.

Registry Optimizer - This panel allows you to perform two main actions regarding Registry files on your computer: Registry Cleaner and Registry Optimizer. Each of these scan and repair processes will improve the workflow and performance of your system.

Disk Cleaner & Optimizer - Here you can configure a set of tools that can scan for specific items like unwanted clutter from your PC, fragments from drives, disk errors or uncontrolled disk usage. For each of these tools you can see aside the status of the last scanning.

Windows Optimizers - To improve the usability of your installed Windows, these tools can optimize the way Windows works in particular contexts like gaming, memory allocation and driver updates. You may configure and run here the Game Optimizer, Memory Optimizer and Driver Updater. As with the previous tools, here you are also shown the status of the last performed action by each tool.

Security & Privacy - In the Security & Privacy panel, Advanced System Optimizer allows you to configure a set of tools related to protection against malware – through System Protector, hidden traces from your internet browser – with Privacy Protector, secret files and folders – with Secure Delete and password protection for sensitive files – with Secure Encryptor.

Backup & Recovery - To optimize file management and ensure that you can backup and restore content on your computer, these tools allow Advanced System Optimizer to take care of your files. You can thus recover accidentaly deleted files, backup important documents and also backup important system files from this panel.

Common Problems Fixer - Advanced System Optimizer knows how to deal with a couple of common issues that usually make computers run slower. You can choose here from PC Fixer, System and Security Advisor and Duplicate Files Remover.

Regular Maintenance - In this last panel you can perform a series of maintenance actions to optimize your system. These are Driver Updater, Startup Manager, Uninstall Manager and Scheduler. For each of them you can run scans and control the execution of programs for faster system performance.

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