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Screenshots for AVG PC TuneUp

Developed by: AVG Technologies
Ranked: 3rd
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Welcome Screen - After first installing TuneUp Utilities, the first step is to start a 1-Click Maintenance scan. Clicking Start Analysis Now will lead you to a detailed screen with multiple items and their scanning progress.

1-Click Maintenance - The results screen for 1-Click Maintenance is showing you the number of found problems for Registry, Shortcuts, Temporary files and Hard disk. For each of the results you can see detailed information and from here you can also run a maintenance program or simply go to the Start Center.

Run Maintenance - After identifying the problems, TuneUp Utilities lets you run a quick maintenance action in order to fix and optimize the found issues.

Status & Recommendations - The first screen you see in Start Center of TuneUp Utilities is this status page, where you are shown icons describing the status of your system. You will see the current state of Maintain system, Increase performance, Fix problems, System protection, for each being able to access settings. Also from here, as well as from all other screens, you can access the PC Optimization Mode and see the current Optimization status.

Optimize System - From the Optimize System screen you can perform various actions, like Disable programs, Disable startup programs, Uninstall programs, but also run manual maintenance tasks like Clean and Defragment registry, Remove broken shortcuts or Defragment the hard disk.

Gain disk space - In this panel you can analyze and control the hard disk usage by deleting unnecessary files, old backups or disable Windows functions that take up too much unnecessary space. The savings potential of disk size is estimated and shown in this screen.

Fix Problems - TuneUp Utilities lets you fix common Windows problems, but also check for system and hard drive problems. You can restore deleted files here, but you can also control and close currently running processes.

Customize Windows - Also for tuning up reasons, your Windows can be easily customized from this panel. You may either Modify Windows settings (like Start menu, Taskbar, Animation and Effects), but also Personalize the appearance of your Logon Screen, Visual style and System elements.

Fix Problems - When you check the details for found problems, you can Correct the problems that impact the health of your system. After TuneUp Utilities scans your computer, you can see what exact problems have been found. For example, you can have Administrative shares enabled. TuneUp Utilities can either correct this problem for you or it can simply hide it.

Settings: Rescue Center Protection - In the Settings panel there are many detailed menus which you can configure in order to use TuneUp Utilities according to your needs. For Rescue Center Protection you can specify which modules should be protected and also how many backups should be recorded and for how long they should be kept.

Settings: Automatic Maintenance - Automatic Maintenance can be enabled or disabled, but if enabled, you can configure plenty of options regarding the frequency and special conditions of maintenance scans. You may also specify which Maintenance Tasks should be performed during the Automatic scan.

Overview of All Functions - You can also view TuneUp Utilities' features in the same window through this overview display. This helps you to get an overall image of all features and access easier all customizable actions of the program.

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