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Iolo System Mechanic
Developed by: Iolo technologies
Ranked: 2nd
Overall rating:
Best price: $49.95 $39.96 - $9.99 off
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Dashboard: Overview - The main screen of iolo System Mechanic Professional is the Dashboard Overview. Here you can see the status of your system, as well as the ActiveCare and AcceleWrite status. From this screen you may choose to Repair Now or View Problems.

Dashboard: Problems - In case System Mechanic Professional finds problems on your computer you can see a detailed list in this panel. You can select each problem and repair it or repair all problems at once. Depending on the complexity, this process may last and require system restart.

Active Care: Automated Tasks - Here you can enable or disable a large list of optimization and repairing tasks. These will run automatically on your system according to how you set them, without affecting the workflow on your computer.

Internet Security: Anti-malware - To protect you from malware infections that you could get online, System Mechanic Professional lets you enable a Real-time Protection and customize what and how actions should be performed regarding infected data, notifications and scanning.

Toolbox: All-in-one Tools - Here you will find an extensive list of preset optimization tools like PC Total Care, Accelerator, Repair, Cleanup and Security, but also Specialized Tools like Total Registry Revitalizer. You can run each of these tools whenever you wish from this panel.

Toolbox: Individual Tools - For specific problems or functions you can choose to run Individual Tools like Increase Performance, Enhance Protection, Clean Up System Clutter, Repair Problems, Manage System Configuration, Diagnostics or Manage Add-ons. Each individual tool can be customized and started from here.

Reports: IntelliStatus - In this panel you can see two main status screens, regarding your Hard Drive Space and System Memory. You may Clean Up and Repair these areas.

Reports: History - System Mechanic Professional shows you a detailed list of the recent activities that were performed by System Mechanic Professional.

Overview: SafetyNet - In this panel you can undo some of the actions that were performed on your computer. For each of them you can see detailed information and let System Mechanic know if something harmless was considered as a fault and correct that.

Options - In the Options panel you can configure SafetyNet, ActiveCare, Dashboard, Boot Time and General options. For example, the ActiveCare tab lets you edit the email address to which all generated reports should be sent.

ActiveCare: Advanced Options - Here you may set the Frequency, Exceptions, Visibility and Reporting options that System Mechanic Professional will use on your system.

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