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Spotmau PowerSuite Review

Spotmau PowerSuite

This product has been dis-continued by Spotmau.

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Review summary

Good points Spotmau PowerSuite review good points

• Offers a range of basic utility tools

• Works with minimal system resources

• Simplistic design and UI

• Powerful securities and encryptions

Bad points Spotmau PowerSuite review bad points

• Not very advanced utility tools

• Internet utilities don’t work well with anything except IE

Our verdict

This Powersuite should be a favoured one for anyone who doesn’t want to spend hours reading manuals on what each feature does – this is a simple utility tools software package and comes with all the basic tools needed to guard and maintain your system.

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Full review

The Spotmau claim is that it will rapidly increasing speeds on your computer and bring it back to its clean self, as well as give you some awesome features to enhance security and your system. Eager to put this claim to the test, we downloaded the Powersuite.


Setting up Sportmau was pretty simple, once we had downloaded the software onto the system, we just needed to add a few details and within a minute or two it was ready to begin repairing our system. The process featured no slip-ups or annoyances, which you do find in some installations, which is always a plus.

Repair & Optimisation

We immediately looked to repair our system, beforehand, we had thrown a good amount of cookies and other sorts of malicious content that wouldn’t destroy the system, but would do some damage, to see how it coped. We also hadn’t repaired the system in a while, so it was a real eye-opener for us to the software.

We did a PC health check to see how bad our system was, at the end of the check, where it analyzed all our hardware choices and compared them, it told us how we were in dangerous waters and should get all of this malicious and unnecessary content off our system. We accepted, and then it rebooted the system.

Truly, it did take out the trash, but it didn’t really do a huge lot to improve speed, or at least we didn’t see this dramatic improvement. We then assessed every individual cleaner, to see if that would help.

Registry was first, we checked and got 130 problems, this may seem like a lot, but to a computer, it is a very small amount of problems. The problems found were quite meager too. After thirty seconds of cleaning, it finished and declared that our system was clean, no reboot was necessary this time, thankfully.

We then checked the disk cleaner, it again found a small number of problems, the scan was fast, although we do see that if we had started with the disk cleanup, it would have been quite a lot longer. It still takes care of unnecessary temporary files that rot away on your system and other content that isn’t malicious but can slow down your system.

Internet privacy looks at things like cookies, URL’s and images that may corrupt your speeds on the internet and store on your computer, we found 228 cookies already, and we had only been on Gmail and YouTube. The cleanup was fast and impressively smooth on Chrome as we surfed the net.

Computer privacy looks at what disk cleaner looks at, your computer, but the computer privacy cleaner finds individual programs and cleans them. We found some problems on Word and Photoshop, which were cleaned valiantly.

Smart uninstaller was one feature we found very efficient, what this does is looks at your programs, even on your browser (Chrome in our case), and asks you if you want to uninstall any of the more unreliable ones. It can also spot if you’ve deleted a program, but the whole contents of this program have not been deleting, and thus it is still on your system. This can be corrosive if the contents are malicious, so it is good to have a way to stop this.

The problem with smart uninstaller is it makes you manually uninstall all the programs you haven’t got, and the speed of loading this program is quite slow compared to the others.

There was then an IE cleaner – we tried this, even though we don’t use IE and found that it just takes out all corruption on the browser, especially unnecessary toolbars.

The last repair and optimizer were shortcut cleaner, this simply deletes all invalid or corrupt shortcuts, fortunately, we had none. The scan was fast and efficient, like most.


Storing documents can be risky business sometimes, especially when your computer may be corrupted – Trojans and viruses can get onto these documents and wait for your to open them, then they strike on your computer. Fortunately, this service has built-in encryption techniques and a personal safe, so you can block anyone from seeing your personal documents and encrypt any of the ones that you want.

The personal safe is for documents of importance, like financial documents or photos that you do not want anyone to see but yourself. Encryption is to stop people from getting onto your system and stealing your documents.

We tried the personal safe, first, we had to make one, it was pretty slow at building the safe, but after the fast scans we had just underdone, no wonder it seemed quite slow.

The safe itself is just a file on your system, you can add photos, documents, and other files of importance into the safe and it will be locked to anyone but you.

I found the safe to be a pretty good feature for anyone who actually needs to hide documents, there is enough space on the safe to fit whatever you want on, as long as you have enough space on your hard-drive.


PC Health Check – Instead of scanning different places, this gives you an all-in-one sweep of every place where your system may be running slowly and gives a full analysis of why this may be. It looks at your hardware, software, and all the malicious content roaming around on your system.

Disk Cloning – If you are looking to improve your hard-drive, this will allow you to clone every single item you have in your old hard-drive, so you can move it to your new one.

Password Finder – This allows you to find your password on any Windows-based service, but not for anything like Google or Apple, which is disappointing.

Ease of Use

Even a novice PC user would be capable of using this software, it is simplicity itself, and while it may not look very modern, it certainly doesn’t give you any hassle when moving around different clean-ups and securities.

Help & Support

Help is available at the top right, where the clicker that normally makes the screen go smaller or larger is. From this clicker, you can check the user manual if you are stuck; contact the program developer support team directly and check if you have the latest version of the software.


We found this to be a rather enjoyable and very productive utility software product, we wouldn’t say it is the best we’ve used, but it is very simple for a novice that doesn’t have a huge amount of problems with their system, and just wants to regularly clean it up.

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Ratings breakdown

 received a rating of 4 for Overall
 received a rating of 4 for Setup
 received a rating of 4 for Repair
 received a rating of 5 for Optimization
 received a rating of 4 for Management
 received a rating of 4 for Security
 received a rating of 5 for Features
Ease of use
 received a rating of 4 for Ease of use
Help & support
 received a rating of 5 for Help & support