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Spotmau PowerSuite

This product has been dis-continued by Spotmau.

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Overview - The main screen of Spotmau PowerSuite 2012 welcomes you with an overview of the main individual utilities that the program provides. These are: Check & TuneUp, Privacy & Security, Data Recovery, Disk Management and Password and Key Finder.

Check & TuneUp - In this panel you can access a large number of tools related to Cleanup issues. They are categorized in PC Health Check, Windows Speedup, Cleanup and Customization and for each of them you can run individual utilities.

PC Health Check - For example, every utility can be run by accessing it in a one-click button from its main category panel. This will open a new window with the status and progress of your PC health check.

Startup Management - This utility allows you to Enable the shortening of the system startup time and also to shorten the hard disk detecting time, so that you can speadup the Windows loading time. There are also Bootup Optimizer options that you can customize from here.

Privacy & Security - Spotamu Powersuite 2012 has a series of Privacy control utilities like Personal Safe, Privacy Cleaner, File Shredder and File Encryption. Depending on your needs you can run each individual tool from this tab.

Personal Safe - For example, the Personal Safe utility allows you to manage and secure your confidential information through the use of a password. You may also hide this and make it invisible for everyone else who uses the computer.

Data Recovery - This tool is designed to run actions like Smart, Common and Advanced Recovery that will help you restore Deleted Files, Lost Files and Lost Partitions. This can be very useful when you accidentally delete files with Shift+Delete, when you empty the Recycle Bin or when accidental data loss happens.

Disk Management - To enhance the hard drive performance on your system, Disk Management lets you run a large variety of tools like Clone Genius, Partition Genius and Data Backup & Restore. Clone Genius for example lets you either Clone Entire Disk or Clone One Partition in case you are doing a disk replacement or a disk upgrade.

Data Backup & Restore - Here you will find many data restore utilities like File/Folder Backup, File/Folder Restore, Disk Backup and Disk Restore, all of these being very useful when you want to backup your data.

Password Finder - This tool lets you recover lost passwords for a wide array of chat and email clients, as well as for Windows logon, browsers and dialup services that you use.

Smart Uninstaller - This utility detects all installed programs on your computer and lets you uninstall them, providing at the same time details like size, frequency and details. It also allows you to filter only the rarely used software for an easier overview on your programs load.

TuneUp360 - Spotmau PowerSuite 2012 has a powerful tool for tuning up your PC. After a thorough scan of your computer it will show a detailed summary of all found problems regarding Performance, Stability and Security. You may fix all found problems from here.

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