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Screenshots for Uniblue PowerSuite Pro

Uniblue PowerSuite Pro

This product has been dis-continued by Uniblue systems.

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Welcome Screen - When you install Uniblue Powersuite you are invited for a full scan that lasts very little but gives a comprehensive view on the current status of your system in terms of issues and potential fixes.

Overview - The full scan performed by Uniblue Powersuite covers the results through a wide range of sections like Tweaks, Unused Processes, Invalid registry entries, Driver Updates, Junk files or Disk fragmentation.

Overview Results - After the scanning process is over you can see the number of isues found. Apart from being able to access each of these System and Disk optimization issues you can also access the Speed tools, including a CPU Manager.

Speed Tools - In this panel you can enable and disable speed tools like CPU Manager, Software Launch Booster, Start Menu Software Accelerator and Proactive Thumbnail Generator.

System Optimization: Tweaks - The System Optimization tools indicate numbers of issues that can be fixed. In the Tweaks panel you are shown specific tweeks that you can apply for better system management, like changing the maximum number of http connections or incrasing DNS cache size.

Driver Updates - In order to improve hardware performance, the Driver Updates tool shows you which devices on your computer have updated drivers and what specific problems each device has.

Junk Files - Uniblue Powersuite gives you precise information about the size of unnecessary files residing in Recycle Bin, Windows temporary folders and Internet temporary folders. Removing these frees up space on your hard drive.

Disk Fragmentation - In the Disk Fragmentation section you can see the percentage of files which are unmovable, unfragmented, fragmented and empty. Defragmenting the hard disk from this panel can also improve the performance and loading time when using your computer.

General Settings - In the General Settings panel you can change the Language of Uniblue Powersuite, set the Speed Tools to start automatically on Windows start-up and also customize Proxies.

Settings: Undo - Uniblue Powersuite also allows you to revert changes that you have made to your system. You can undo optimizations like System tweaks, Unused processes, Invalid registry entries and Driver updates.

Powersuite Pro - The list of fully functioning features provided by Uniblue Powersuite Pro is also displayed in the Upgrade window, where you can see what optimizations this software covers.

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