Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
Developed by: Samsung
Ranked: 2nd
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Review summary

Good points Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 review good points

• Lightweight design

• Bright screen

• Simplistic user interface

• Powerful battery life

Bad points Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 review bad points

• Trivial amount of Samsung Apps

• 1080p video recording not included

• Sometimes unresponsive

Our verdict

Even though the iPad 3 scrapes the victory, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is right on the iPad’s heels, with an intuitive TouchWiz interface, a slim and stylish design and great battery life, we think Samsung can be proud to have the best Android tablet on the market.

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Full review

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is the higher twin in the Tab 10.1 series, with its brother, Tab 2 10.1, being sold as a mid-way tablet candidate, just in case you get confused. The Galaxy Tab has already been acclaimed the best in the Android collection of tablets, so let’s take a peek at what makes it such a great tablet.


Even though it fails to hit the impressive PPI that the iPad 3 gloats, it is still a very bright and colourful screen, and some images have a great complexion of colours

It seems Samsung have some secret display that they aren’t showing off, because they haven’t used a good amount of PPI or Super AMOLED Plus, yet they’ve still achieved an incredible amount of colour and the screen looks very clear.


Samsung have stated the Tab 10.1 is the one of the thinnest tablets on the market and beats the supremely thin iPad 2, measurements have shown that this is true, although you won’t see a significant difference. The Tab 10.1’s real lightweight feature comes with the feel, again, Samsung have went for high-grade plastic, which in some eyes feels cheap, and in others feels stylish.

We find that the Tab 10.1 feels much better than most other tablets that you use, especially when reading a book in bed or lazing on a couch, even though it is a ten-inch monster, you feel quite comfortable.

Because of its very thin design, the Tab 10.1 only sports a headphone 3.5mm socket, a USB port and a charging socket, no MicroSD or HDMI ports available.

Operating System

Honeycomb, Android’s main tablet operating system, is on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, but with a beautiful TouchWiz skin which, while taking some bullets on the smartphone front, works wonderfully on tablets.

Multitasking is slightly faster on the Honeycomb operating system and it is shown when using a variety of apps. Android’s 3.1 also enhances some of the features that were on 3.0, like internet browsing, app movement and directories.

The tablets user interface is praised by many for its simplicity and for its freedom, on this, you can delete most of your apps, resize them to fit your needs and move them around as much as you like. There’s no red ‘STOP’ signs that don’t allow you to do what you want on your tablet, like on some others.


Samsung seem to have a little lacklustre market size, with the Samsung app market not providing to everyone’s needs. We found that while you can get Angry Birds, Temple Run and Dropbox, you’ll be hard come by to find any of your own little niche apps you may have used on your iPhone or Android.

Even though you can move your apps from your phone, don’t expect them to work well on your tablet, if they don’t corrupt straight away.

While i.OS seems to thrive in the tablet Apps Store, all the Android Market seems to be small and dismal – they really must sort this out if they want to compete against the iPad.


Speakers are one feature which we are very positive on, in tablet terms, they are very loud at their peak and provide good sound, no crunching or horrible noises and you are always listening to clear sound.

Due to the brightness and good display, watching videos on this tablet is definitely a good option, playback speeds are pretty good, unless you are on YouTube (then it depends on your connection).

Samsung have tried to opt for a more social connective tablet and they’ve added a ‘Social Hub’ to allow you to become social with all your connections. While this isn’t the best shot at a tablet orientated social-network, it is still pretty good.

The gaming graphics card Tegra 2 by NVIDIA delivers quality gaming at high-speeds, if you ever see yourself buffering on Angry Birds or Temple Run, there must be something going seriously wrong.


The 3G connection is relatively good, and with the Tab 10.1’s lightweight figure, you can take it wherever you go. We tried it on the train, bus and at a café and the 3G connection ran smoothly at all times.

There’s no 4G LTE connection to get excited about though, but this may be a good thing, as 4G needs another year to mature into our lives.


A 3-megapixel rear camera is a little too small for our liking, especially when the average nowadays is five. That being said, the 3-megapixel camera delivers nice, if somewhat blurred shots. You really need to keep the tablet still to achieve that good photo.

The 2-megapixel front camera is a little more impressive, as it allows you to have good face chats with whomever you want to call.

Using the tablets camera, like most cameras on tablets, was rather awkward. We found that we couldn’t get the tablet in focus, and when we did, we had already missed out shot.


This is one area where the Tab 10.1 really shows off, impressing us with a strong 12 hours of battery life. That’s even when you are playing all your battery-munching apps and everything else you do on a day-to-day tablet.

The 7000mAh is a very good battery, one that beats the iPad 2 and is on par with the iPad 3. If you are not using your tablet all day, you may find it lasts more than two days.


Aside from the fact there is not a lot of apps to choose from, you will find that the Samsung Tab 10.1 is a very pleasant and powerful tablet. It has a very simple user interface, with a beautiful TouchWiz skin, and most of the features Samsung have added work rather well.

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