Norman Security Suite Pro

Norman Security Suite Pro

This product has been dis-continued by Norman ASA .

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Home - Norman Security Suite opens with a full featured home screen where you can access all the main panels. The status of your computer protection is shown here together with shortcuts for Scan computer, Product Update and Enable/Disable Automatic Updates.

Antivirus & Antispyware - From this panel you can perform scanning tasks, but also configure items like Automatic Scanner, Outbreak Mode, Quarantine, Exclusion list or Screensaver Scanner. Norman Security Suite lets you either use their Recommended settings or configure Custom ones.

Antivirus & Antispyware: Settings - In this panel you may configure the Automatic and Manual Scanner in terms of virus removal or unwanted programs verification, and you may also enable scanning for local and remote users.

Personal Firewall - Here you can edit, import or export Firewall rules, View real time logs and ports status. Norman Security Suite lets you customize detailed Expert tools and settings for your personal firewall.

Personal Firewall: Settings - While Firewall operations can run in Silent, Normal or Advanced mode, you may as well configure access for Server Privileges and Outgoing Applications.

Parental Control - Before accessing this tab you are requested to create an admin password so that other users cannot access Parental Control. Once you do this, you will be always prompted this login screen before making any changes in this panel.

Parental Control: User Configuration - From here you can create user accounts and assign them default profiles like Child or Teenager. Further on you can see logs for each user and also customize their profiles with access rules.

Privacy Tools - If you want to keep activity on your computer private you can delete user and program history with this Privacy tool. Norman features a list of commonly user programs like Internet browsers and Windows Media Player. You may set Norman to either manually or automatically delete this history.

Intrusion Guard: Settings - This feature allows you to protect your system from unwanted driver installations, physical memory access and driver loan and execution. In the Intrusion Guard panel you may also configure settings for Processes and Network.

Install and Update - Each Norman Security Suite feature is regarded as a product for which you can install individual updates. You may disable automatic updates and you can also change the Product language from here.

Real-time Log Utility - With this utility Norman Security Suite shows you detailed information on Outgoing traffic, displaying a list of application names, ports, IPs, actions and reasons for each active traffic event.

Personal Firewall: Settings - While recommended settings can be a bit too general you will see that configuring Advanced and Custom Settings for your system's Firewall lets you customize in-depth service handling. This is mainly for advanced users.

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