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Panda Global Protection Review

Panda Global Protection

Reviewer: Stephen Qualtrough
Developer: Panda
Ranked: 7th
Overall rating:
Price: $69.99 $41.99 - $28 off

Review summary

Good points

 Collective Intelligence stays in touch with the latest developments.

 Full screen option for uninterrupted gaming

 Cloud access ensures optimum PC performance

 Intuitive interface

Bad points

 Limited storage, there is only 2GB of storage for file backup

 Multiple licenses cost extra

Our verdict

Although there is a limited amount of backup storage that is provided with this security suite, the collective intelligence ensures that the latest threats are quickly eliminated.

Full review

Panda Global Protection provides computer users with all in one protection and will keep information secure from malware and hackers. Panda protects against this issue, and their product is designed to provide maximum protection from identity theft. It also increases the peak performance of a PC, and includes a host of features for maximum efficiency. Parents can also rely on Panda Global Protection to keep their kids safe from online predators and can choose to set limits on the sites their children have access to.


Users can download the latest version of this product, and there are a few requirements to ensure successful operation. Panda operates on the Microsoft Windows platform and is compatible with the current issues of this operating system. It is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista. This security software is compatible with most processors, and owners will need to ensure their processor is 300 MHZ or more in order to take advantage of the benefits that are offered. The hard disk requires at least 275 MB of free space. A USB port is another requirement, and these factors ensure that users can take advantage of the benefits that this protection affords their information as well as their children.


Anti-virus - One of the chief benefits of this security system is the collective intelligence feature that enables users to share malware information immediately. This feature relies on the use of cloud computing to connect all subscribes into an online community and is a great way for a computer user to take advantage of the new developments that occur every day. There are some 63,000 new samples of malware that are sampled by the collective intelligence each day, and this ensures that a user is current with the latest malware developments.

Firewall - Sensitive financial information is protected when consumers make purchases and check their bank accounts on the internet. Global Protection provides the latest technology to ensure protection from a host of cyber threats, and consumers can be sure their protected from spyware, worms, viruses, exploits, hackers and more. Banking Trojans are one of the current concerns amongst online bank users, and Panda will provide protection from this as well.


Data backup is another benefit that is offered to consumers who rely on the power of the clouds that comes with Panda. System recovery and data backup is a breeze when a person relies on Panda to provide them with support. They keep the essential computer files safe on their cloud, and this information can easily be accessed in the event that a machine crashes. Clouds also provide users with remote access, and they can be reached from anywhere when a person chooses to use their device at a local wireless hot spot. Users can benefit from the 2 GB of online backup that are offered, and they can store their essential files and upload them with ease from the Panda cloud.

Identity theft

Phishing protection – The Panda software provides total protection to prevent users from giving out their private information. E-mails are filtered to remove the unbelievable offers that tempt consumers.

Password management – Users can use the latest technology to protect their passwords, and the Panda Global Protection encrypts information with Identity Protect to keep their information safe from hackers.

PC Tuneup

The Panda Global Protection includes a Tune-Up utility menu to ensure users can keep their machine functioning at its best. Diagnostics and disk clean up can be done from this menu and will increase the processor speed.


Full screen mode - Gamers and movie viewers can benefit from this option and ensure they are uninterrupted in their games while the computer ensures the safety of data and identity information.

File shredding – This feature enables users to delete their files forever and prevents access by unauthorized eyes.

Ease of use

Users are able to download this program with ease from the internet, and begin surfing the net secured in a matter of minutes. Easy access to all of the major features is offered from the main menu, and an intuitive user interface ensures anyone can take advantage of all the benefits of Panda Global Protection.

Help & support

Panda provides around the clock support, and users can rely on the internet or phone options, if they need to contact a tech with a question.


Panda Global Protection provides a host of benefits to users, and this company has pioneered the use of collective intelligence to make computers safe. The cloud of users has their threats sampled every day, and this ensures that the latest threats are quickly analyzed and eliminated. Secure backup is another feature, and there are 2GB of storage that users can take advantage of with this system. Parents can also rely on the content filtering to ensure their children are safe, and they can block unwanted sites with ease. Our verdict concludes that this is one of the best suites of security systems on the market, and we recommend it to anyone.

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