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Phone Power Review

Phone Power

Reviewer: Stephen Qualtrough
Developer: Phone Power
Ranked: 6th
Overall rating:
Price: $14.95

Review summary

Good points

 Great sound quality

 30 day trial period

 Lots of features

 Free number transfer


Bad points

 High cancellation fee

 Extra charge for mobile device

Our verdict

Phone Power offers the best and most cost-effective VOIP service option around. We think you’ll find a lot of great features in this VOIP provider.

Full review

With a large choice of packages, competitively priced international calls and free local and long distance calling, Phone Power looks good. We checked out this VOIP’s service to see which features it offers and why it comes top in our reviews.


You have the option of a 1 month, 12 month or 24 month contract with Phone Power. You pay per month and if you sign up for the longer contracts the monthly cost comes down. You can also pay for a year of the service in advance, which makes the monthly charge much cheaper. Each plan comes with unlimited local and long distance calls, which is great for frequent callers.

To get started using the service, most people order the free home adapter. Once you've received your adapter you'll need to connect it to your modem or router. Then you can connect your standard telephone. At the time of writing, the home adapter connected to two home phones, great for using around the house. Also included (at an extra cost at the time of writing) is a Zippy mobile device which allows you to connect your Phone Power service to any Windows PC USB port and make calls on the service from anywhere.

You don't need to install any software to use the Phone Power service.

Calling plans

You'll get unlimited local and long distance calls in the US. You'll also get unlimited calls to Canada and Puerto Rico.

You'll get 60 free international calling minutes to over 80 countries every month whatever plan you use. Call rates to other countries can be easily found on the website. Most call rates are incredibly cheap.

There are a number of add-on features you can use in conjunction with your calling plan. Set up a virtual number in the location where your family, friends or customers are based and they can call you “virtually” for the cost of a local call. Or you can add a toll free number so your family or your clients can call you for free. These features cost an extra $5 a month.

Calling features

There are plenty of call features. You can stop nuisance calls by placing the number onto a block list. For the calls you definitely don’t want to miss, the Simultaneous Ring calls multiple numbers at the same time to track you down.

We like the cloned line feature which means that your family can also make calls while you’re on the phone. And in the event of an Internet outage, Phone Power automatically forwards all incoming calls to another number until your Internet is back up and running.

If you’re going travelling you can still make calls using the Softphone. The Softphone allows you to use the service wherever you are, at no extra cost. Handy if you forget your phone or don’t want to use your cell on the road for a long distance call.

Just released is an iPhone application that can be used with your plan.

The Phone Power portal on your PC allows you to access many features connected to your calling plan. For example, listen to and view your voicemails in your account, just like viewing email. There’s a feature that lets you forward a copy of each voicemail message to your email address too.

You can also Click2Call – a system that allows you to use your online My Account portal to locate a number in your list of contacts, and dial the person with one click. The Phone Power system connects with your Phone Power number, connects the call and dials your contact.

Ease of use

The Phone Power service is very easy to use. Once you’ve set up the hardware you are good to go. Using the My Account portal is also simple. There are quite a few handy features here that let you manage your account, look at recent call logs, configure your options and use the remote Click2Call function.

We'd like to see the website go through a bit of a clean-up. We noticed a few errors and the site is not the easiest to navigate. It’s a bit of a shame considering the service is so good.

Help & support

We spoke to a member of the support team who was helpful and patient when dealing with our inquiry. All customer support in the US. We had a good look at other customer reviews on the web and found that the majority spoke of good technical support. The customer support is available seven days a week and also out of hours. In addition to personal support, you can look at the range of articles and FAQs in the Knowledge Base.


Because the service is so cheap, we were concerned that we might experience problems, but we were surprised how easy it was to use. Many of the features (such as call forwarding) that come with most VOIP services cost extra, but with Phone Power they are free.

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