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Good points review good points

• Works like a regular telephone service

• Clear digital communication

• Plans for business and residential

• Range of features

Bad points review bad points

• No live chat

• Limited business features

Our verdict does everything you’d expect a regular phone service to do – make calls, receive calls, use features like voicemail, call forwarding, call waiting etc – but the benefit is you save money with the plans. has packages for both business users and residential callers and most include a free second line.

Full review

A VOIP service that makes use of your own phone is a convenient way to take advantage of lower-priced calls while still retaining the features you enjoy in your phone service. With many VOIP services on the market, we looked at to see what features the plans provide, how easy the service is to use, and what calling plans you can sign up for.


Setup is simple because the system is designed around a free adapter that plugs into the modem or router, which is then plugged into your regular phone. Users have the option of keeping their phone number or choosing any area code, whether that is within the user's residential area or elsewhere in the US. works exactly like a regular telephone service – your phone will ring as normal and you can call whoever you regularly call – all that is replaced is the telephone wiring with transmission over a broadband internet connection.

Calling plans business plans and pricing are based on the number of extensions you need. A small business user with just one phone, for example, could choose the Standard package which comes with unlimited minutes in the US. Premium onsite installation and support (available in Los Angeles) bumps the price up. If you want something simpler, the Small Business plan packages together several services in one inclusive plan. Here business users get two phone lines and one fax line, 60 minutes of international calling a month, and the full list of features.

World Plan from is a residential or small business plan that provides an increased number of minutes to call overseas (1,200 a month), free calling within the US and Canada, and a free second line. For residential users who don't want the international calling part, the Domestic Plan is cheaper with free US and Canada calling.

You do need to be fairly certain you're going to appreciate the service because there are contracts built in of one or two years, something that other residential VOIP packages don't include. There is a 30-day period after purchase where you can upgrade or downgrade your plan and cancel (returning the hardware) if you need to.

Calling features

While you save money on international and domestic calls you also get a number of features included in the package. Top of the list is a free second line for making and receiving calls from the same phone number. Voicemail is included and you can access and view voicemail from the My Account portal on the internet as well as sending it as email to a designated account. Further features include the ability to route calls to another destination including blocked calls, for example sending blocked calls to voicemail or to hear the busy signal, call waiting caller ID, call hold, three-way conference calling, enhanced 911 service, speed dial, simultaneous ring, do not disturb, anonymous caller rejection, outgoing caller ID, contact list, and a “fax catcher” service.

We like the additional softphone feature where you use your PC or mobile device to make calls at the same rates as your regular plan. In addition, the Click2Call feature allows for one-click dialing from the MyAccount portal on your PC or tablet.

The business plans offer a number of optional upgrades to the package plan including an incoming call manager, apps for mobile devices, music on hold, online dashboard, and multi-line hunt groups.

Ease of use

Considering that the system is a plug-in device that allows you to use your own phone, the service is very easy to use. Included in the plan is an online account management feature that lets you configure your settings and also manage your bill online, which makes it easier to stay on top of your calls and charges.

Help & support

The tech support is delivered through Phone Power and the telephone lines are open seven days a week. As expected, and appreciated, there is a KnowledgeBase and list of articles to browse on the Phone Power website.

Overall offers a full package of features designed to make calling and receiving calls easier, at a lower cost. If you want to replace your phone service with a VOIP plan and you also need a second line, is a good option.

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