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SiteKreator Review

Developed by: SiteKreator
Ranked: 9th
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Review summary

Good points SiteKreator review good points

• Simple and user-friendly

• Integrate Google Analytics and PayPal

• Good amount of support documentation

Bad points SiteKreator review bad points

• No free personal domain

• Limited customization options

Our verdict

Not too much bang for your buck but SiteKreator is nevertheless a good quality, easy to use package. Whether you want more features is up to you – SiteKreator offers some but not all that other website builders provide.

Full review

Slightly more aligned towards business websites, the SiteKreator model is a simple and user-friendly website creation tool that allows you to get a good-looking website online in a short amount of time. What tools and features does SiteKreator offer the business website creator or the personal website developer? We looked at the full range of features to see what SiteKreator provides.

Sign up

SiteKreator offers a small selection of plans to choose from, starting at the Standard plan which is $19.95 a month. With the Standard plan you get 100-plus customizable designs and 1,000MB storage. Next up is the Premium plan for $39.95 which provides 200-plus customizable designs and double the storage - 2,000MB. The Deluxe plan is $79.95 a month plus a $500 set-up fee. With this plan the site is built for you to your custom specifications. You get 4,000MB storage. All plans offer unlimited bandwidth while each plan has a peak number of visitors per hour (from 2,000 to 100,000). Sign up for a 14-day free trial of the SiteKreator plans, with no credit card required.

Design Options

SiteKreator offers a selection of customizable template designs that are worked on from the control panel. Here you can change the colours, the fonts, and the backgrounds. You can also change the background overlay, meaning you can add figures on top of the background colour for extra customization. If you are working with the Premium or the Deluxe plan you get access to additional editing features where you have more freedom over your design without having to do any coding.


We like the Image Gallery feature on the SiteKreator sites, which makes it easy to showcase your photos to the best advantage. While this website builder package is a little light on added widgets, you do get a few that make your website look a little more professional. Add online forms to get feedback on your site or allow visitors to sign up for a subscription, and designate members’ areas that allow you to restrict access to certain types of content. Further community building features include a blog integrated into the site, a discussion forum on the site, and the ability to add RSS feeds. For marketing purposes you can collect email addresses and use them to send out a targeted email campaign.


Ecommerce –SiteKreator lets you add ecommerce to your website by placing an online shopping cart on your site. To do this you add a HTML Snippet into your website that allows you to integrate a PayPal “Buy Now” button, or a Google Checkout. The ecommerce offering is not the most comprehensive out of competitors’ facilities but it does give you the chance to integrate your commerce activities easily into your website.

SEO –SiteKreator claims its sites are search engine-friendly from the start – you don’t have to do anything special to have an extra advantage in SEO. However, if you are serious about getting your site seen you will want to invest in more SEO features or activity.

Reporting –Use the SiteKreator built-in statistics feature to monitor the traffic to your website. Or you can easily integrate Google Analytics.

Hosting & domains

One of the downfalls of this package is the lack of a free, personal domain and you can’t purchase a domain through the service (you need to go to another domain provider.) This makes SiteKreator not as convenient as other all-in-one packages. The SiteKreator service works on a Green hosting model, which uses less energy than traditional hosting methods.

Ease of use

The SiteKreator packages are definitely easy to use, but with a lack of extra features you would expect the experience to be quite basic. Quickly edit site content by rolling over the text and clicking on it, and adjust the colours and fonts on your page from the control panel.

Help & support

Support is comprehensive with the SiteKreator plans, although phone support is not available for everyone. With the Standard plan you don't get phone support, and response time is six hours. The Premium and Deluxe plans offer phone support which has a response time of two hours. All plans provide email support plus a live chat service. If you want to find out the answers yourself, read through the library of tips and tutorials, search the Frequently Asked Questions and find the current status of the system.


With some extra features like blog capacity, forms and the ability to add a shopping cart, the SiteKreator service is above many free website creation services. However, the whole package is more limited than many of its competitors and you are not likely to get as much for your money.

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