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Review summary

Good points lunarpages review good points

• Scalable, comprehensive plans

• Secure hosting

• Easy to use

• Options for businesses

Bad points lunarpages review bad points

• Confusing variety of plans

• No live chat support

Our verdict

The plans from Lunarpages may look complicated but there is convenience in the scalability of the system – whatever the size of your business or website, there will be a tailored Lunarpages plan for you. The secure and reliable hosting system also gives you good opportunities to expand as your business or online traffic grows.

Full review

Check the detail of the plans before you buy to make sure you end up with the package to suit your own needs, and not the needs of a different business altogether. Take a look at the detail below regarding Lunarpages’ web hosting system and how it can help get your business online fast.


Lunarpages gives you a rather confusing array of different plans to choose from, with the result that you need to spend some time deciding which one is right for you. However, the advantages of this system are that you can create a plan to suit your needs and you don't get stuck with the one-size-fits-all model which can be lacking. The Starter Hosting Plan is the cheapest at $3.95 a month and this package includes 50GB of bandwidth, 5GB of storage and five email accounts. This isn't the best deal we've seen - other hosts offer unlimited email and bandwidth on their cheapest plans. The plan is meant for blog hosting and you do get additional extras, such as the email accounts, that you wouldn’t get from a free blog provider like WordPress.

The Basic Hosting Plan is priced at $4.95 a month and gives you unlimited bandwidth and storage, the Windows Hosting plan (operating, as the name suggests, on the Windows system) is $9.95 a month for 400GB bandwidth and up to 5GB storage, the Business Hosting Plan is $19.95 for unlimited storage and bandwidth, the Scalable Cloud plan at $57.95 a month offers 1,000GB bandwidth and 50GB storage, while the Webmaster Reseller Hosting plan is $19.95 a month for up to 1,400GB bandwidth and up to 200GB storage.

FTP accounts are unlimited on the Basic Hosting, Business Hosting and Webmaster Reseller Hosting plans but you only get one FTP account on the Starter Hosting and Windows Hosting plans. You can add pretty much anything you like to your website with the addition of simple one-click web scripts, including shopping carts, surveys, videos, social media and forms. Plus the system supports many different languages, which is one point in its favour. The Business Hosting plan has a few more features for online retailers and sales, including the TremenDesk customer support system tool and a hack-proof website protector. For a more tailored solution to the necessities of web hosting, Lunarpages gives you the Scalable Cloud plan and other options for custom hosted websites – expensive overkill for small businesses but essential for larger operations.


You pay for your domain name on the Starter Hosting plan, but the other plans give you domains included free for one year (one for each of the Basic, Window, Scalable Cloud and Webmaster Reseller Hosting plans, and three for the Business Hosting plan.) You can add on domains with the more expensive plans, while sub-domains and parked domains are unlimited across the plans.


While many web hosts offer unlimited email accounts on even their cheapest plans, you get only five with the Lunarpages Starter Hosting package. All the other packages give you unlimited email accounts, however. The Microsoft Exchange Email system is a good addition to the package and you can scale up as your business grows.

Marketing & reporting

Give your website a bit of a boost by adding an SEM (Search Engine Marketing) bundle to your hosting plan with Lunarpages. The SEM package gives you extra options in terms of social media access, advertising and other PR ideas.

Ease of use

The Lunarpages web hosting system is controlled by a dashboard that gives you access to the tools and features you need on a daily basis. The functions are easy to manage and there’s nothing too complicated about any aspect of the hosting plan. More advanced users will find it easy to add script for the insertion of specific applications and features, thus making the plans highly scalable.

Help & support

The helpdesk at Lunarpages includes a telephone number for queries along with a support ticket system if you prefer to deal with things online. The Lunarpages Wiki is the place for frequently asked questions and a range of tutorials and articles. No live chat support but there is a community user forum.


If you know what you want from a web host you’ll find it somewhere in Lunarpages but beginners may be confused by a sweeping array of different plan options. The Basic Hosting plan is probably the best bet for beginners and website owners who are building a web presence because you get the features you need along with unlimited bandwidth and storage – ideal for expansion.

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