10 Actionable Email Marketing Tips

Last updated: 24th July 2023.

Build a successful email marketing campaign using our key tips:

1. Clear calls to action

Once you have relayed your message through the content of your email, you need to provide the reader with a clear call to action. You need tot hink about what you want the customer to do next. Do you want them to call you or use your contact form. Do you want them to purchase a product or read more information on your website?

2. Personalise

One clever trick is to insert the recipient’s first name into the start of the email. Sounds simple, but it works. But why? - Well it's because the person recieving your email will feel like they already have a relationship with you if you greet them by their first name.

3. Review

Top marketers are obsessed with statistics, tracking and conversions. Email marketers are no different as email marketing is a great medium for measuring your objectives. If you work for a business then reviewing your email campaigns is critical.

4. Split testing

Top email marketer's are constantly trying different variations of their emails.

5. Relevant

It's always a mistake to try and promote something which your reciprents did not sign-up for however tempting it maybe. Keep your message relevant to your audience.

6. Choose your timing

You would be surprised how important timing is when it come to email marketing. There is no point spending alot of time and effort constructing your email, when you send it out a time that nobody is going to read it. Statistically, the best time to send an email is on a Wednesday afternoon. This is because people who sat in offices, often have time to read their emails in the middle of the week and in the afternoon, which is less busy than the morning time. It can however depend on the audience your trying to reach and the objectives of the email.

7. Don't become a spammer

It can be tempting to constantly send emails to your email database, but if its not interesting or relevant then they are likely to unsubscribe you.

8. Build a great mailing list

A great emailing list is a huge asset to any business or organisation. You should always think of ways to continually expand your email marketing list. There are companies that offer email marketing lists that you can either rent or buy, but its always much better to build your own list through your customer base.

9. Have a powerful subject heading

Most people have several email accounts and skim over hundreds of email subject headings every day. They make a split second decision on whether to read your email based on the subject heading. If it sounds uninteresting, irrelvant or like spam then they will ignore it. Therefore choosing an effective subject heading is critical. Headings that pose a question, highlight a key benefit or grab your attention are much more likely to be read.

10. Include an email footer

Email footers / signatures are a great way to increase more exposure to your business. You should always include your company details, unsubscribe and website link. Someone may want to contact you directly having read your email or they may want to check pout your website.

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