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Corel VideoStudio Pro 2023

Corel VideoStudio Pro 2023 Review

Reviewer: Stephen Qualtrough
Developer: Corel
Overall rating:
Price: $79.99

Review summary

Good points

 Flexible workspace and interface

 Easy to use

 Stop motion animation feature

 Many professional-looking templates

Bad points

 Fewer advanced video editing features

 Lack of audio editing features

Our verdict

Corel VideoStudio Pro 2023 offers a complete package for making your own HD movies. While the newly optimized software allows for faster results, the feature set doesn't offer much that is different from the market leaders. But it's an easy-to-use package with a lot going for it.

Full review

The Corel VideoStudio Pro package doesn't give you as many effects or transitions as its competitors, and its editing features are functional rather than inspiring. However, if you are looking for a practical and easy to manage video editing software, you won't go wrong with VideoStudio. We looked at Corel's video editing offering to see what features the software boasts.


You need Windows 11, 10 or 8 with the latest service packs installed, plus 1GB of RAM and 3GB of free disc space in order to setup the VideoStudio Pro software.

Once you're into the system the interface is clear and you'll be able to easily perform the next steps. There are no setup wizards or welcome screens but you should be able to start your editing without too many problems.


Import video content from your DV/HDV/AVCHD Camcorder, or from your smart phone. The software handles both standard and HD video and you can work with HD in the leading formats, in particular AVCHD and HDV.

Once they've been imported, you can search for your clips and videos in the navigation panel. The Organizer displays your clips in thumbnail images and you can see more or fewer thumbnails by increasing or decreasing their size, or you can see them in list form.

Video editing

Using the Navigation Panel you can utilize the enhanced Timeline to add your titles and transitions and to apply all the settings and filters you need to multiple batches of images. Drag and drop transitions, graphics and effects into the Timeline from the editing tabs. The process is easy. The multi-trim video function removes unwanted parts of your movie in one step in order to highlight your chosen footage.

There are many effects and transitions to take advantage of in the VideoStudio package. Not as many as Adobe Premiere or PowerDirector, but there are enough to spice up your movies with real-time effects and features. The Painting Creator is a little interesting, letting you add painting, drawing and writing effects to your video.

Create time-lapse effects from your videos and photos, or shoot your video in front of one background and transfer your subjects to another place to create a Hollywood-style trick effect.

The VideoStudio Pro package also lets you create stop motion animation, using people, toys or things.

Or if you want an automated experience, take advantage of the ready-made templates with a variety of professional effects. In this way you can import templates with interesting title features and effects and apply them in a few simple steps to your own project. If you create a set of effects and transitions yourself you can then share them with other users or keep them on record to use again in the future.

Audio editing

Without a whole lot of audio editing features, the VideoStudio Pro still provides you with the ability to customize your video with soundtrack from the royalty-free library or with your own music.


The VideoStudio Pro package lets you edit and process more quickly by utilizing high-performance software, namely second-generation Intel Core and AMD processors as well as GPU and multi-core optimization.

If you want to be speedier, you can put your movies together at low resolution then render the video in HD. We didn't find any performance problems when we used the software to carry out our editing work.

Disc Authoring

Author directly to DVD and Blu-ray disc in HD quality. This process is simple and once you've gone through the few steps to author the disc, you have a professional-looking final product.

Before you finish, create a better effect by using the pro-disc creation tools including the technology to create menus, DVD titles, and transitions. Simply add the chapters where you want in the video editing mode, then use the Chapter Manager to add detail to the chapters. There are a number of different options for menu page design and you can use templates to suit the style of your DVD movie or video clips.


For a better quality movie experience, you can export your video in 3D when it was filmed in 2D. This is possible with the box version, not the download version, only. With the box version you also get free 3D glasses and advice on 3D movies in the Corel Guide.

Upload your video clips and your movies to your iPad, to your iPhone and to other mobile devices so you can show your creative projects on the move.

You can also upload your movies and video clips directly to YouTube, Flickr, Facebook and more.

A useful feature is the ability to bundle project files together with the WinZip technology in order to work on your movie on another PC.

Ease of use

The interface is clean and easy to navigate. One particularly good feature is the ability to drag and resize the panels, including across two PC monitors. There are separate tabs for adding effects, transitions, titles and graphics.

Sorting and ordering your video in the Organizer makes it easier for you to find what you are looking for, and you can make your own libraries. Unfortunately, there is no automated classification or tagging tools at work in the Corel VideoStudio package so you'll have a little more work to do in order to get organised.

Help & support

The newest version of Corel's VideoStudio Pro package includes a greater variety of video training content, movie tips and product updates than in previous versions. You can find out a lot about various editing tips through the Corel Guide, enhanced for the latest version.


The Corel VideoStudio Pro 2023 package lets you have fun with your video editing - there are very few complicated tasks to carry out and beginners can easily create professional-looking finished results with the variety of editing tools.

The VideoStudio software doesn't have quite the appeal of some of its competitors but it is a fast and efficient way of editing your videos and getting started on the video editing road.

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