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Anti-keylogger software

What exactly is a keylogger and why should you care? Currently keylogging, alongside phishing, is one of the most common and dangerous types of online fraud. If you use the internet and own a computer, you need to know about this threat – and how to counter it with anti-keylogger software.

Anti-keylogger software comparison chart for 2023

Rank 1 2 3 4
Zemana AntiLogger
SpyShelter Anti Keylogger
QFX KeyScrambler
GuardedID Premium
Five stars means excellent
Very good
Four stars means very good
Three stars means good
Two stars means average /
One star means poor
Zemana AntiLogger has been awarded best buy Product image of zemana antilogger Product image of spyshelter anti keylogger Product image of qfx keyscrambler Product image of guardedid premium
zemana antilogger has a rating of five  overall spyshelter anti keylogger has a rating of four  overall qfx keyscrambler has a rating of four  overall guardedid premium has a rating of three  overall
zemana antilogger has a rating of five  detection spyshelter anti keylogger has a rating of five  detection qfx keyscrambler has a rating of three  detection guardedid premium has a rating of four  detection
zemana antilogger has a rating of five  protection spyshelter anti keylogger has a rating of four  protection qfx keyscrambler has a rating of three  protection guardedid premium has a rating of three  protection
zemana antilogger has a rating of four  effectiveness spyshelter anti keylogger has a rating of three  effectiveness qfx keyscrambler has a rating of four  effectiveness guardedid premium has a rating of two  effectiveness
Ease of use
zemana antilogger has a rating of five  ease of use spyshelter anti keylogger has a rating of three  ease of use qfx keyscrambler has a rating of four  ease of use guardedid premium has a rating of four  ease of use
Help & support
zemana antilogger has a rating of four  help & support spyshelter anti keylogger has a rating of four  help & support qfx keyscrambler has a rating of four  help & support guardedid premium has a rating of three  help & support
Keystroke monitoring
zemana antilogger  keystroke monitoring spyshelter anti keylogger  keystroke monitoring qfx keyscrambler  keystroke monitoring guardedid premium  keystroke monitoring
Screenshot capturing
zemana antilogger  screenshot capturing spyshelter anti keylogger  screenshot capturing qfx keyscrambler  screenshot capturing guardedid premium  screenshot capturing
Webcam usage
zemana antilogger  webcam usage spyshelter anti keylogger  webcam usage qfx keyscrambler  webcam usage guardedid premium  webcam usage
Microphone usage
zemana antilogger  microphone usage spyshelter anti keylogger  microphone usage qfx keyscrambler  microphone usage guardedid premium  microphone usage
Clipboard items
zemana antilogger  clipboard items spyshelter anti keylogger  clipboard items qfx keyscrambler  clipboard items guardedid premium  clipboard items
Registry modification
zemana antilogger  registry modification spyshelter anti keylogger  registry modification qfx keyscrambler  registry modification guardedid premium  registry modification
Memory intrusion
zemana antilogger  memory intrusion spyshelter anti keylogger  memory intrusion qfx keyscrambler  memory intrusion guardedid premium  memory intrusion
zemana antilogger  rootkits spyshelter anti keylogger  rootkits qfx keyscrambler  rootkits guardedid premium  rootkits
DLL code injection
zemana antilogger  dll code injection spyshelter anti keylogger  dll code injection qfx keyscrambler  dll code injection guardedid premium  dll code injection
Signature-based analysis
zemana antilogger  signature-based analysis spyshelter anti keylogger  signature-based analysis qfx keyscrambler  signature-based analysis guardedid premium  signature-based analysis
Heuristic analysis
zemana antilogger  heuristic analysis spyshelter anti keylogger  heuristic analysis qfx keyscrambler  heuristic analysis guardedid premium  heuristic analysis
Community based analysis
zemana antilogger  community based analysis spyshelter anti keylogger  community based analysis qfx keyscrambler  community based analysis guardedid premium  community based analysis
Cloud based
zemana antilogger  cloud based spyshelter anti keylogger  cloud based qfx keyscrambler  cloud based guardedid premium  cloud based
128 bit SSL logger protection
zemana antilogger  128 bit ssl logger protection spyshelter anti keylogger  128 bit ssl logger protection qfx keyscrambler  128 bit ssl logger protection guardedid premium  128 bit ssl logger protection
Network monitoring
zemana antilogger  network monitoring spyshelter anti keylogger  network monitoring qfx keyscrambler  network monitoring guardedid premium  network monitoring
zemana antilogger  rules spyshelter anti keylogger  rules qfx keyscrambler  rules guardedid premium  rules
Risk level assessments
zemana antilogger  risk level assessments spyshelter anti keylogger  risk level assessments qfx keyscrambler  risk level assessments guardedid premium  risk level assessments
zemana antilogger  quarantine spyshelter anti keylogger  quarantine qfx keyscrambler  quarantine guardedid premium  quarantine
zemana antilogger  logfiles spyshelter anti keylogger  logfiles qfx keyscrambler  logfiles guardedid premium  logfiles
Automatic updates
zemana antilogger  automatic updates spyshelter anti keylogger  automatic updates qfx keyscrambler  automatic updates guardedid premium  automatic updates
Computer licenses
1 1 1 1
Help & support
zemana antilogger  telephone spyshelter anti keylogger  telephone qfx keyscrambler  telephone guardedid premium  telephone
Live chat
zemana antilogger  live chat spyshelter anti keylogger  live chat qfx keyscrambler  live chat guardedid premium  live chat
zemana antilogger  email spyshelter anti keylogger  email qfx keyscrambler  email guardedid premium  email
zemana antilogger  forum spyshelter anti keylogger  forum qfx keyscrambler  forum guardedid premium  forum
User manual
zemana antilogger  user manual spyshelter anti keylogger  user manual qfx keyscrambler  user manual guardedid premium  user manual
zemana antilogger  faqs spyshelter anti keylogger  faqs qfx keyscrambler  faqs guardedid premium  faqs
Operating system
Windows 11
zemana antilogger  windows 11 spyshelter anti keylogger  windows 11 qfx keyscrambler  windows 11 guardedid premium  windows 11
Windows 10
zemana antilogger  windows 10 spyshelter anti keylogger  windows 10 qfx keyscrambler  windows 10 guardedid premium  windows 10
Windows 8
zemana antilogger  windows 8 spyshelter anti keylogger  windows 8 qfx keyscrambler  windows 8 guardedid premium  windows 8
Windows 7
zemana antilogger  windows 7 spyshelter anti keylogger  windows 7 qfx keyscrambler  windows 7 guardedid premium  windows 7
Windows Vista
zemana antilogger  windows vista spyshelter anti keylogger  windows vista qfx keyscrambler  windows vista guardedid premium  windows vista

Anti-keylogger software explained

A keylogger is a form of malware that records each keystroke you make on your keyboard. This information, including passwords, login details, personal details, credit card and bank account numbers etc., is then uploaded to a remote server where the data is used for committing identity theft and other crimes. Hackers use the information from keyloggers to access your online bank and your email accounts, among other places on the internet where you live your life.

A keylogger program can be launched through many channels, including from a file attachment in an email, a file launched from a P2P network, a YouTube video, or a script in a webpage that you unwittingly download. Once it’s installed on your computer it starts to intercept the information you type on screen.

Anti-keylogger software is the barrier between keyloggers and the free exchange of your personal information. Installing anti-keylogger software protects thieves from accessing your financial information and criminals committing identity fraud, which could cost you thousands. Anti-keyloggers are designed to work with anti-virus protection, anti-spyware, and firewall software. Most anti-keyloggers encrypt data as you enter it through the keyboard, meaning that any keylogging program already installed on the PC will not be able to interpret the data. You can also use a virtual keyboard that prevents keyloggers accessing information such as bank account passwords. Anti-keyloggers monitor your machine and alert you to any keylogging device that has accessed your system.

As well as protection against keyloggers, many anti-keylogger packages also include protection against the uninvited takeover of your webcam or your microphone. You can also protect against hackers taking the information you place on the clipboard, or the data you open in windows on your screen. Comprehensive anti-keylogger protection includes these features to give you complete peace of mind that no one is illegally accessing your private information.



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