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Zemana AntiLogger
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Review summary

Good points Zemana AntiLogger review good points

• Protects against all forms of keylogger activity

• Fast, unobtrusive protection

• Password-protected system

• Simple to use

Bad points Zemana AntiLogger review bad points

• No virtual keyboard

Our verdict

Zemana is a comprehensive, effective security package designed to protect your identity, your finances, and your personal life online. The software effectively blocks all kinds of keyloggers and offers peace of mind against invasive attacks through your screen, keyboard, microphone, or webcam. We think Zemana AntiLogger is certainly worth the money. Here’s more information on the specific features you can expect from the package.

Full review

Zemana is a privately-held tech security company headquartered in Turkey. Set up in 2007 by college graduates, this niche firm focuses on online security combatted in non-traditional ways. Their Zemana AntiLogger product protects on a number of key levels. We take a closer look.


Using anti SSL hijacking technology, Zemana AntiLogger shuts down malicious activity before it can even affect your PC. Zemana looks out for all different types of keylogger threat, from webcam to clipboard. It blocks hackers’ ability to turn on your webcam or microphone remotely, or to get information from your private VoIP calls and video chats. It stops keyloggers accessing data on the clipboard, and on the screen through screen capture.

It’s the cloud-based technology that helps protect your machine from keyloggers. This system, called IntelliGuard, is always on and it doesn’t simply rely on known definitions but includes access to information on the most current keylogging malware in over 50 malware databases. In addition, Zemana can prevent the risk associated with stealth malware and purposefully installed spyware or keylogger software.

So that you don’t encounter any problems with the software being turned accidentally or purposefully off, you can set a password-protect on the system to prevent anyone else from altering the configurations or disabling the system.

Zemana AntiLogger provides all-round top quality protection: it proactively searches for suspicious activity, it looks out for sophisticated malware, it updates itself, and it prevents tampering with its own components.

Ease of use

Zemana AntiLogger is a lightweight, efficient piece of software that takes up very little space on your computer – and uses few resources. It is proven compatible with the major antivirus packages, and it runs with the main operating systems and browsers. It’s also easy for the PC owner to use. You can let it run quietly in the background. Make adjustments to the "allow and deny" lists to speed up scans and monitoring. The software gives you updates whenever anything is trying to access your PC or application, whether the threat is from spyware, Trojan, malware or other threat.

Help & support

The Zemana support center has a fairly comprehensive list of FAQs dealing with installation, features, use, and purchasing issues. You can submit a bug report or contact Support via an online form but there is no phone support available.


We like this fast, efficient and – above all – effective software for combating the threat of keyloggers. Zemana has created a product that’s full of features, which works unobtrusively in the background. Its proactive approach to protection makes it a valuable asset.

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