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SpyShelter Anti Keylogger Review

SpyShelter Anti Keylogger

Reviewer: Stephen Qualtrough
Developer: SpyShelter
Ranked: 2nd
Overall rating:
Price: $29.00

Review summary

Good points

 Sound, screen, & webcam protection included

 Fast & efficient

 Advanced keystroke encryption

 Easy to operate & customize

Bad points

 Limited support options

Our verdict

SpyShelter is a sophisticated package designed to counter even the cleverest attacks through your computer. Including screen and sound capture among its protective elements, SpyShelter Anti Keylogger protects any and every computer from threat. And it’s also easy to operate – an excellent package from these data security specialists.

Full review

Brought to you by Datapol, internet security experts based in Poland, SpyShelter is considered one of the best solutions to the ever-increasing problem of identity theft, phishing, and internet fraud. The company specializes in anti keylogging, so we look at what you can expect from this market-leading package.


SpyShelter does an admirable job at including all the features you need in its anti keylogger package. Real time protection monitors all actions taking place on your computer and protects against malware. When you install the software you set up effective keylogging protection as well as protection against screen capturing, sound capturing, webcam takeover, clipboard capturing, and keyloggers that bypass SSL. It detects random phishing action as well as software that has been purposely installed on your computer to collect data. Your computer registry and RAM are protected from the start. In short, a comprehensive package.

SpyShelter does not rely solely on a database of definitions for signature-based detection so it can protect you from both known and unknown threats. If a keylogger manages to get into your computer – unlikely with this level of protection, but it could happen – SpyShelter includes keystroke encryption which works with all applications, sending them through a safe tunnel direct to the application to avoid any data being intercepted by malicious third parties.

The sound logger protection guards against strangers logging your voice calls on instant messenger or VoIP. It also works against applications capturing the sound transmitted through your microphone or webcam. Clipboard capture protection is also important - SpyShelter blocks keyloggers from taking the passwords and info you put on the clipboard.

In addition, you can use the built-in VirusTotal link to scan any files you don’t like the look of – VirusTotal is an antivirus scan that gives you an extra layer of protection.

Ease of use

While SpyShelter is packed with features, one of the best aspects of this software package is it doesn’t slow the computer down. Other security software may do so, but we understand that SpyShelter’s efficient algorithm processing helps keep the speed up, meaning you can use it on any computer. The more you configure the software to give personalized protection, the more quietly it runs in the background – once you have got used to the program you’ll hardly know it is there.

Advanced levels of customization allow you to set up the system exactly as you want it. Create safe lists or blocked lists to always allow or always block applications and drivers. You can even customize the look of the interface. You’ll get notifications if any installations are taking place, and based on this information you can stop the install or allow it.

SpyShelter Anti Keylogger is compatible with Windows operating systems including 64-bit operating systems although there is no Mac version. The compatibility also extends to working smoothly with different types of antivirus software as well as all browsers.

Help & support

The SpyShelter support center is limited in scope but offers the opportunity to get your issue fixed through an online ticketing system. You can access this online support any time you want.


We think SpyShelter offers excellent protection. Not only does it protect your personal data, credit card numbers, and banking information, but it also prevents criminals recording your private conversations or using your webcam to record video. With a complete system of protection, the SpyShelter anti keylogger software is an invaluable addition to your security measures.

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