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Acoustica Standard Edition 7.x

Acoustica Standard Edition 7.x Review

Reviewer: Stephen Qualtrough
Developer: Acon Digital Media
Overall rating:
Price: $59.90

Review summary

Good points

 Easy to understand task wizards

 Simple built-in editing and restore features

 Ability to install third-party DirectX plug-ins

Bad points

 Cluttered interface

 Less editing flexibility/functionality in the standard version when compared to similarly priced competitors

Our verdict

Despite the reduction in effects options and advanced editing features, Acoustica Standard Edition 7.x is a simple to use, Windows compatible, audio editor. It's the perfect choice for the casual home user that simply wants to digitize their record collection without the steep learning curve often associated with audio editing software.

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Before installing Acoustica, you will be asked to check your version of DirectX (9 or higher is required). Acon Media does include an update link directly on their download page. The set-up is quick and painless - within a few clicks, you will be up and running.

Audio editing

When compared to our "Best Buy" winner, WavePad, there is a noticeable reduction in editing options. Having said that, the program does offer all the basic/intermediate functions that the average audiophile would require, such as equalizing, dynamic processing, reverb and flanger, as well as the ability to time stretch. The built-in audio correction features for distorted recordings also works a treat and is able to remove crackle, clicks, hissing, clipping and even restores missing high frequency sounds.

Audio recording

Acoustica supports both timer as well as input level triggered recording and the software is compatible with most Windows audio devices. Finished files can be saved as WAV, WMA, OGG, or MP3 format and are therefore compatible with most personal audio devices such as an MP3 player.


The software includes a dynamic processor with graphical input, pitch transpose and a harmonizer that supports up to four voices. Acoustica also supports unlimited undo and redo functions – very handy for the indecisive.

Ease of use

Acoustica is simple and well thought out for the audiophile. Though Acoustica's interface might appear slightly more intimidating for a novice at first glance, once stuck in you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how easy most tasks are to execute.

The program launches with the option to either create a file from your sound card, work on an existing file or to use the cleaning wizard – a feature that anyone with an extensive vinyl collection will appreciate.

Help & support

Acon Digital Media provide two support options for Acoustica, a ‘user forum’ and free email technical support for registered users. The software also comes with an extensive built-in help file. However, they do not provide any telephone support.


On the whole, Acoustica Standard Edition 7.x is a great choice for entry level digital music creators who want a simple to use solution for their editing needs. It offers some more robust features as well that will see you through to an intermediate level and the quick restore functions make digitizing music collections a breeze. However, more advanced users might find our Best Buy award winner, WavePad, to be better value for money.

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