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Dexster Audio Editor

Dexster Audio Editor Review

Reviewer: Stephen Qualtrough
Developer: Softdiv Software
Overall rating:
Price: $45.00

Review summary

Good points

 Excellent ease of use thanks to simple windows style design

 Clean interface that’s easy to navigate

 Superb recording function that can record from most sources

 High quality effects and filters that are easily applied

Bad points

 Lack of advanced features such as editing multiple tracks simultaneously

 No midi editing, so can be used for audio editing only

Our verdict

Softdiv Software’s latest audio editing tool, Dexster Audio Editor is a great piece of software for beginners due to its ease of use, simple navigation and numerous preset effects and filters. Although it is not quite as advanced as some audio editing programs, experienced users can still obtain high-quality results with minimum effort.

Full review

Dexter Audio Editor is perfect for users of any ability, and whilst the lack of certain features and tools may slightly deter advanced users, they should still take a look at this software as its ease of use and professional effects make it a great go-to bit of kit for producing a variety of mixes.


Setup of Dexster Audio Editor couldn’t be simpler. The Zip file was downloaded in around 20 seconds, and installed in less than 30 seconds. Within a minute you can be using the software, and this fits in with the software’s ease of use.

Audio editing

Dexster Audio Editor allows users to easily convert audio from different file formats, extract audio from videos, add numerous effects, apply noise reduction, filter CDs, as well as burning new audio CDs. The presets available in the software are very good quality, and allow even inexperienced users the option of adding high quality effects and filters. Crossfades, compression, modulation, reverbs and fade in/out are all easily applied, Amongst the standard filters (low/high pass, band pass, notch filter, and peak EQ filter) there is also noise reduction and click/pop reduction, very useful for aspiring singers.The majority of audio and video formats are supported here, including MP3, AIFF, AU, WAV, AVI, OGG and WMA.

Unfortunately there is no midi editing available so this is for audio users only. There is also no option to punch in/punch out on tracks which we have seen on other audio editing software.

Audio recording

The recording function in Dexster Audio Editor works brilliantly, and it allows users to extract and record any audio from the internet, videos, audio CDs or via a microphone. You can also record using the built in microphone, which can still produce decent results with a bit of noise reduction applied. Completed files can be saved as most WAV or MP3 formats and then burned to CD in the software as a CD burner is included here.


Dexter Audio Editor has a sophisticated noise reduction feature that is an improvement on the past versions. Using the noise reduction you can simply eliminate hiss and background noise, or even eliminate the vocal track which is very useful for singers who want to create backing tracks etc.

Ease of use

Everything we have discussed so far can be easily achieved by navigating the clean interface that any windows user should find second nature, as the majority of tasks can be completed using simple drop-down menus or by clicking icons (as you scroll over the icons, the function is displayed to the right hand side of the interface). You can also carry out basic functions such as cut & paste, copy & select by right clicking, plus there are some window shortcuts available which all contribute to the excellent ease of use. Effects and filters are easily applied, and all can be modified using simple drag-bars or faders.

Help & support

Dexster provide a very comprehensive online guide for Audio Editor, that uses video clips to walk you through all the functions of the software, which is very useful as you can see exactly what to click, where to find things etc. There is also an online user forum, FAQs and access to technical support via email. With the purchase of this software you will also receive free updates for a year, such as news items, new downloads and tutorials.


Dexster Audio Editor is a great, easy to use audio editing tool, which will suit first time users and people with a more experience too, thanks to the superb clean interface and high quality effects/filters provided, that all combine to create professional-sounding mixes.

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