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AutoSave Essentials

AutoSave Essentials Review

Reviewer: Stephen Qualtrough
Developer: Avanquest
Overall rating:
Price: $39.95

Review summary

Good points

 Supports continuous backup

 Easy to use after a small learning curve

 Reliable backup and restore

Bad points

 Occasionally sluggish

 Lacking features

 Some rare stability issues during backup

Our verdict

AutoSave Essentials is exactly what it’s name suggests; it only has the essentials. Continuous backup is a nice tough, but beyond that the program offers almost nothing in terms of backup options and features. It’s easy to use and simple, so any customer looking for exactly that will likely find this product a joy to use. Look elsewhere before you buy.

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AutoSave Essentials is an easy program to set up. After downloading the setup file from the company website, launch the file and begin the installation process. It will ask for the serial number you received after purchase, which you then enter. Overall the setup process can take under a minute and won’t slow down your computer.


AutoSave Essentials will automatically have backups set up for your photos, music and office documents when you first launch the program. If there is any file location that can support a backup, the program will automatically start backing up those files to that drive or device.

At first, the program can be a little confusing since it already has three backup tasks made before you even clicked a button. After a little navigating and understanding the interface, the decision on the overall structure becomes clear.

Backing up files is made easy with a simple list of all of the different types of files you are automatically backing up. Users can set one set of files to be continuously backed up, or they can set a schedule.

System performance

The program won’t have a negative effect on your computer overall, but the program itself seems to have trouble running smooth while there are backup transfers in the works. This is a big negative since continuous backups can happen at random times. The program also crashes occasionally if you try and move through menus too quickly during a backup. This is a big negative since continuous backups can happen at random times, which can then cause a temporary freeze-up of your system.


Restoring files is just as easy as backing them up with AutoSave Essentials. Simply click the restore button under the file set you want to recover, and then choose your destination folder or have files returned to their original location. The process doesn’t take too long, but other products are much quicker when performing this task.


AutoSave essentials is severely lacking in the features department. There is no support for file encryption or data compression. There are also no other extras that you frequently see from other data backup programs.

Continuous backup - Users have the option of having certain files backed up continuously, which means any change to a file is instantly changed in the backup destination as well.

File paths - This program is also capable of restoring files to their original location on your computer. This isn’t exactly rare for this type of software, but there is nothing else worth mentioning because of this program’s lack of features.

Ease of use

Creating backups and restoring drives/files is made easy with AutoSave Essentials. Although the overall structure of the program may be a little hard to understand at first, only a few minutes of experimenting will make you an expert. This is a very nice program for those who want the job to get done fast and with no headache. Continuous backup also will help users who are often too lazy or inexperienced to perform routine backups.

Help & support

The support for this product is pretty solid overall. There is live-chat help, telephone support and email support. One negative is that refunds need to be submitted online and customers then must wait until someone reviews the submission. It’s a shame this can’t be done over the phone or through live-chat.


AutoSave Essentials is a basic backup program that will only appeal to novice users of basic computer software. The program has minimal features, and doesn’t offer as many backup options as other programs. Those looking to simply backup their files and nothing else may enjoy this program, but there is much more value to be had elsewhere. Shop around before you buy.

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