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Roxio Easy CD & DVD Burning 2

Roxio Easy CD & DVD Burning 2 Review

Reviewer: Stephen Qualtrough
Developer: Roxio
Overall rating:
Price: $29.99

Review summary

Good points

 Quick & easy disc burning process

 Simple photo & audio edit tools

Bad points

 No Blu-ray functionality

 Limited feature set

Our verdict

Roxio Easy CD & DVD Burning 2 is a decent attempt by Roxio to put together a no-frills package for people looking to burn discs quickly and easily. However, its competitors also achieve this aim but with the advantage of a bigger feature set and useful additions to the basic package.

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Full review

Corel owns Roxio – this software is in its roster of products, as is the more comprehensive Roxio Toast Titanium product. Roxio Easy CD & DVD Burning does what the name suggests – provides you with a simple and quick way to burn discs, with a few added features for good measure. We looked at the software to see how it stacks up against its more feature-heavy competitors.


The installation process is standard. You insert the installation disc, follow the instructions, give permission to install the software, and then the Easy CD & DVD Burning icon is installed on your desktop. The program is then easy to access through the desktop icon. While the setup may be simple, there are however a lot of negative reviews concerning the lack of functionality when operating this software with certain Windows versions.

Disc burning

Double-clicking on the icon placed on your desktop during installation takes you to the Roxio Home screen with options down the left-hand side of the screen to create Data/Copy, Video/Movies, Music/Audio, and Photo. Clicking on one of these options brings up the relevant set of tasks, which you then click on to start the burn or copy process. Under the Tools menu there are options including erase projects and a set of configurable options, although there are not as many ways in which to personalize and configure as there are in other disc burning software packages.

Use the Roxio Easy CD & DVD Burning software to create and burn CDs, DVDs, dual-layer DVDs, SVCDs, MP3 discs, WMA, bootable discs, and advanced format discs. The product also makes it easy to save data as ISO disc image files.

The custom burning back-up feature in the Easy CD & DVD Burning package is a good way to automatically safeguard files by creating custom backups to disc, for example specifying only music files, or only data files.


Roxio Easy CD & DVD Burning does not provide security protection when burning discs.


There are a few extra features in the Roxio Easy CD & DVD Burning package that help you create interesting discs and projects.

Photo Tools – Roxio Easy CD & DVD Burning provides some simple photo editing tools for touching up your pictures before you burn them to disc, including removing red eye and cropping photos. You can also create slideshows to save to DVD, and quickly upload projects to social media.

Disc Spanning – Split large projects across multiple discs easily with the features provided.

Audio Tools – Grab analog audio from LPs and cassette tapes and clean up the sound quality before burning to disc. You can also add crossfades and effects to an audio mix.

Label Making – Create the disc labels and DVD covers you need to show off your projects in style.

Ease of use

As you would expect from a product called Easy CD & DVD Burning, you don’t need any experience or special skills to burn a disc or create a photo album. The product is easy to use with clean and clear interfaces showing you the options for different types of products. But while it is simple for beginners, experts and intermediates will notice the lack of customization and personal configuration that is available in other disc burning programs.

Help & support

Roxio offers a good level of support with user forums, communities, FAQs, user manuals, help sections, and a knowledgebase to provide inspiration and answer many of your questions. You can also get help by filling in the online technical support form, although there is no phone support option.


It would be nice to be able to say that this product offers a clean and easy way to burn discs without the feature-clutter of other products, but it does not seem to do an effective job with this simple task. The premise is good but it ultimately doesn’t match up to its competitors.

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