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JangoMail Review

Reviewer: Stephen Qualtrough
Developer: Silicomm
Overall rating:
Price: $30.00

Review summary

Good points

 Create highly targeted campaigns

 Customize email templates

 Tracking and reporting tools

 Free trial available

Bad points

 No live chat function

 Limits on email size

Our verdict

JangoMail gives you all the usual email marketing tools such as tracking and reporting, personalization options, template design and deliverability tools. The service also provides a good level of list segmentation tools that allow you to target your emails precisely to interested people.

Full review

JangoMail strives to be the email marketing service for your highly targeted emails – less of a one-size-fits-all solution and more of a means to delivering emails that help your business goals. The company has been going since 2000 and has around 4,000 people signed up around the world. We checked out JangoMail to see exactly what the service offers businesses large and small.


Set up your JangoMail plan based on the number of emails you want to send out every month. The pricing starts at $15 for up to 1,000 emails. Also taken into account is the size of the email messages you send with a monthly allowance given based on a 100kb-sized email message. If you need to you can buy extra data transfer, and there are separate prices for marketing and PR agencies to use. Try JangoMail for free with a trial for 200 emails each month, no credit card required.

Email creation

JangoMail offers templates built into your service package and you can use them to produce your own customized email layout. Choose between the EditLive! mode of customization or two HTML editors built into the program, allowing you to format your messages and tweak the contents. The program also includes different language options and image hosting. One advantage of the JangoMail service is the lack of JangoMail marketing attached to the footer or header of your email, making the message more personal to your company. There are a number of options for those that know some HTML. Also, upload a previously designed template by cut-and-pasting the HTML code or uploading the HTML file. If you want a template designed by the JangoMail team there is an option to have a bespoke model delivered to you, work on which is charged by the hour.

Campaign creation

We like the options you get for creating a campaign based on customer preferences and patterns of behaviour that JangoMail provides. With a wealth of options for creating and managing your email campaign, JangoMail lets you send a mass mailing or a smaller, targeted email campaign. Pull in your contacts from your existing databases, create groups out of your contacts, define fields and send mails to the people that will be most interested in them. Campaign features include triggers to produce automated emails based on recipient behaviour such as hitting a webpage, opening or clicking on a link, and transactional emails for sending things like order confirmations and event reminders.


Handle unsubscribes and bounces simply by accessing your customer database directly, which is updated with each email sent. You can choose how to deal with requests and bounces in order to streamline and cleanse your mailing list on a daily basis. In order not to send emails that appear to be spam, thus being blocked by inboxes, JangoMail uses 10 spam filters to check for spam potential. Deliverability is pretty good with JangoMail, based on relationships with the major email providers.

Tracking & reporting

Tracking and reporting is good with JangoMail. Choose how much you want to see about how people respond to your messages, as well as the format of the report on offer. Tracking and reporting tools include real-time records of responses, clicks and opens, plus historical tracking and geographical tracking of emails sent. Print reports based on the info you need and segment campaigns to compare results.


Surveys – JangoMail offers a range of survey-creation tools to gauge response to your email and other marketing campaigns. Choose from multiple choice surveys to single-line answers and a free text comment section. Surveys provide a high degree of reporting and statistical options.

Personalization - is easy with JangoMail and you can use tags to make sure your emails are sent out personally to each recipient.

Ease of use

JangoMail is not the easiest program to use for email marketing as it doesn’t have the wizards other services use to lead you through creating a mailing list or an email template. However, even without this help the process of making and managing email marketing campaigns is relatively simple to carry out and there are no complicated features. The interface is straightforward and good for beginners while the HTML editors are simple for more experienced users to manage.

Help & support

You can get in touch with the JangoMail support team during business hours by phone or email. And if you need urgent assistance outside of business hours there is also an emergency support site. Tutorials, FAQs, user guides and other info are readily available to help bemused users finalise their email campaigns.


With JangoMail you get a service that lets you create customized, personalised campaigns tied to your own brand and your own business necessities. The segmentation tools, reporting tools and other stats and features make for a well-rounded package. The service is perhaps suited more to experienced email marketers than beginners, but it has something to offer everyone nonetheless.

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