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GMX mail

GMX mail Review

Reviewer: Stephen Qualtrough
Developer: GMX
Overall rating:
Price: Free

Review summary

Good points

 Attach files up to 50MB

 Large file storage system

 Wide choice of email addresses

 Safe and secure

Bad points

 Smaller inbox capacity

 Fewer features

Our verdict

GMX offers an all-in-one email service with a reasonable amount of inbox storage and a large maximum attachment size. GMX is suitable both for home users and people with small or medium-sized businesses.

Full review

We’ve looked at the GMX offering to see what’s in it for you.


Sign up for a free GMX account by choosing your email address, filling in your personal details, choosing a password and you’re done. You’re more likely to find the email address you want at GMX than at Gmail or Hotmail, since most of the popular names are already taken in the larger email systems. You can choose from a or email address, depending on your location and your preference.


With GMX you have 5MB of storage space and an extra 2GB for images, documents and media, smaller than some other services. But with GMX you don’t need to worry about your files being too large to send. The GMX email service allows you to send files up to 50MB – a much larger allowance than with other email service providers. That’s around 30 high-resolution photos or an album’s worth of music and you don’t need to reduce file sizes. However, your recipient needs a similar capacity to be able to receive the files, so they need to be with GMX or another email service that caters for over-sized files. If you need to send files larger than 50MB, make use of the GMX File Storage system, a free feature that lets you access and manage your documents from any computer. It acts like a virtual drive on your desktop, or a storage space connected via the Internet. You can choose who else can see your files in the File Storage system, for how long and when.

GMX is aligned with POP3 and IMAP functionality so you can check your GMX email on your Palm or iPhone. As well as reading email, GMX allows you to manage your calendar and address book on the go.

GMX also does its bit for the environment, offsetting 100 percent of its data center’s energy usage by buying Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) at a hydroelectric power facility.


Your emails and file transfers are protected with an SSL connection that means your files and information are kept safe. The GMX service has seven built-in spam checkers that screen your emails before they reach your inbox, and the system also screens the emails you retrieve from your other email accounts. You can keep on top of spam by manually blocking unwanted emails.

As with the other top two services, GMX scans emails and attachments for viruses as they travel to and from your inbox, even when they are in compressed files. All the GMX email accounts are handled by high security storage systems with back-up built in. Unlike some other providers, GMX doesn’t scan emails for advertising purposes and doesn’t mine your email content for data.


The GMX Mail Collector service is your assistant that helps combine all your existing email accounts into your GMX inbox. From GMX you can manage emails that get sent to your other accounts and you can send notes from your non-GMX email addresses.

GMX boasts all the tools you need to manage your email and your work and leisure tasks. Set reminders and appointments from the calendar, add contacts to the integrated address book, and print your calendar, reminders or contacts in any form you choose.

Email creation

Creating an email in GMX is a simple business. Open the new email template, fill in the address field (or automatically fill from your address book), complete the subject line and the message, change the format of the text if necessary and you’re ready to send.

Ease of use

The GMX interface is clean, modern and intuitive to use. Drag and drop lets you move emails from folder to folder, and the clear design makes it easy to read all your emails on screen and on your mobile device. GMX runs on all browsers and operating systems.

Help & support

GMX offers an interactive space where users can try out email features in development, submit ideas to GMX, ask questions, give feedback and find out about the product. GMX Brainstorm allows you to submit your own ideas, which other users then vote on, for the most popular ideas to be developed by GMX. The User Lab and Brainstorm are interesting forum features but what happens if you have a problem you need resolved? GMX maintains a direct network of support to answer your questions and resolve your problems. A email address supplies the answers.


GMX stands for Global Mail Exchange and this email service is a branch of United Internet, one of the largest email and web hosting providers in the world. GMX is simple, convenient and secure, offering connectivity and communication from PC to mobile device.

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