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Elephant Drive Home

Elephant Drive Home Review

Reviewer: Stephen Qualtrough
Developer: ElephantDrive
Overall rating:
Price: $12.00

Review summary

Good points

 Secure data transfer and storage

 Offers a unique drag and drop experience to backup and sync files

 Multitude of subscriptions options

Bad points

 Slightly expensive compared to the competition

 Poor customer support

Our verdict

ElephantDrive is a very reliable online backup option for users with any need. There are a large number of subscription options, so it shouldn’t be hard for any user to find a plan that fits their need. It ‘s slightly more expensive than some of its competitors, but the competition doesn’t have as much flexibility in terms of storage space and amount of computers supported on one account. If you’re looking for unlimited storage for one computer, look elsewhere. If you need a certain amount of storage for multiple computers, give ElephantDrive a look.

Full review


Setting up ElephantDrive Home was extremely quick and easy. As you would with almost every other online backup service, you will need to download a setup file and then install the software onto your computer. The same will need to be done for any other computer you are going to use with your account. ElephantDrive offers many subscription options than can suit the needs for home or business users.

In terms of price, ElephantDrive isn’t the cheapest option out there, but it definitely competes. The fact that it offers so many options makes it a very intriguing choice for those with unique needs. There is also a free version which gives 2GB of backup storage and only supports one computer.


Backing up files couldn’t be easier with ElephantDrive. It’s a bit unique in how it handles backups. Most programs will launch a user interface where all of the features can be accessed, but ElephantDrive creates a backup folder that can be placed anywhere on your computer. Simply drag any files that you want backed up into that folder.

If you want certain folders or files to always be backed up, even when they change; you can simply right click the folder, access the ElephantDrive tab, and click “backup folder.” From then on, all of the files in that folder will automatically be backed up to your cloud storage which can be accessed and restored through the browser-based application.


Restoring files with ElephantDrive couldn’t be simpler. If you’re restoring files from your computer, they will be right there in your backup folder. If you need to restore files to a new computer, you can login to the browser-based application and download your files from there.


ElephantDrive has excellent security to protect your valuable data both during transfer and storage. Data is protected with SSL encryption during transfer and stored with 256-bit AES encryption. Also, ElephantDrive has some security features for sharing and sending files. You can password protect any data that you send to someone.


ElephantDrive has enough features to keep most users happy. It utilizes file versioning, which means past versions of files are backed up even if those files are changed.

You sync your files to other devices by putting the files into the “Everywhere” folder. Any item you put in there will be in the same folder on your other devices that have the program installed.

You can also send files through email or IM by sending someone a link to download the sent file. The file(s) can be password protected if there is sensitive information.

Ease of use

ElephantDrive is non-traditional in the way it handles its backups, so it may require a little bit of a learning curve for new users; however, once you learn the ins and outs of the program, it’s a treat to use. The ability to right-click any file on your computer to gain access backup and send options right there makes it a very unique experience. ElephantDrive seems like it becomes a part of your system, rather than be a program of its own.

Help & support

ElephantDrive offers decent help and support at best. You can send a help support ticket and receive a response via email, or you can contact their phone-support, which may require a long wait time. It’s a shame to see no live-chat support like many other online backup programs. There are also tutorials and FAQ’s that can be found on the product website.


ElephantDrive Home offers an experience that is both unique and efficient. It’s simple drag and drop backup system makes it an easy experience for users of all levels. Being able to make any folder you choose a backup folder is also a user-friendly feature and eliminates the need to set backup schedules because the files will be updated every time they are changed. ElephantDrive isn’t exactly feature heavy, but it has enough to keep most users happy. If you’re looking for something that is simple and will get the job done, you should give ElephantDrive Home a try.

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