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iBackup Review

Reviewer: Stephen Qualtrough
Developer: Pro Softnet
Overall rating:
Price: $9.95

Review summary

Good points

 All plans support unlimited PC’s

 Fast and reliable data transfers and backup

 Useful file sharing tools

 Easy to use

Bad points


 Boring features/interface

Our verdict

While IBackup is a solid, reliable online backup service, it’s hard to recommend it to the average user because the price. Small businesses will likely find it more useful because of its ability to support an unlimited number of computers and it’s file-sharing tools.

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IBackup doesn’t stray away from the norm for its setup. Simply download the setup file from the product website and launch it. The software will be installed on your PC and then you will be asked to enter your username and password you create when purchasing IBackup.


Backing up data with IBackup is quick, easy and customizable. Users can choose exactly what file types they want backed up and when. You won’t find a program with more customization options for scans. You can schedule backups on any type of schedule you can think of. You can even have your computer back up some of the files at one time, and then complete it another time. You can schedule as many different backup types and times as you want. The backup speed is one of the quickest you will find on the market.


Restoring files using IBackup is very straightforward. Simply search for the file or file types you are looking for, and let IBackup do the rest. You can choose where you want the recovered files to be saved after it is restored. You can also choose to enable the mirroring option, which allows for files to be restored to their original location within your computer. If your computer is lost or stolen, you can also restore files using IBackup’s browser-based application.


IBackup is an extremely secure and safe option for those who need the very best security. For data transfers and storage, 256-bit AES encryption is used with a user-made key needing to be entered before any data access. IBackup claims to be fully committed to protecting user data, saying their servers are monitored 24 hours a day using advanced software tools.


While IBackup isn’t exactly feature heavy, it comes with a few tools that some users will find very useful. It supports file versioning, which means even if you change or modify a file, IBackup will still keep older versions of those files for up to 30 versions.

IBackup also has Open File Backup, which means when a file is open or being used, it can still be backed up if a backup is being performed. Users can also turn on some interesting settings including: notifications after a backup is finished, wake up a computer during sleep mode to perform a scheduled scan, and perform a missed backup once a computer is turned back on.

The most useful feature packed into IBackup has to be its file-sharing tools. Users can grant access to their files by emailing a person a download link. Users can then set a limit on how many files this person can download or how long they can access them. This is a very unique feature and can definitely prove useful to many users; especially business users.

Ease of use

Although it has a rather bland looking interface, IBackup is easy to use and navigate. No user should have a problem learning all of the software’s functions and features. Full backups and restores can be done with a few clicks, while custom scheduling and file-sharing should be an easy task for the most novice computer users.

Help & support

You’ll find excellent help and support with a quick visit to IBackup’s website. There are options for telephone support, live-chat help and email support. There are also video demos on the product website which will show you step-by-step instructions to perform certain tasks.


IBackup is an extremely reliable online backup option, but the cost of the subscriptions makes it a horrible value to the at-home user. Businesses may find IBackup very useful because of its high security, unlimited computer support and file-sharing tools. We do not recommend IBackup to anyone who doesn’t need backup services for a multitude of computers.

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